Friday, August 14, 2015


This is Kathy again.
I just want you to know that I am a sadist.
I love to see men in pain and unable to stop it.  I love to make them whimper and moan.
That is one reason I do not make chuck a slave.  I enjoy breaking him over and ove again.
I pay him well.  First to keep in shape which take 2 to 4 hours/day.
Second, I pay him more to bring students of mine to learn how to be trainers.
Third, when I do manage to get a good win at a bet, and he never goes back on a bet, I am able to sell tickets to other Dommes who DO want slave and learn from my techniques.
There are also those who just enjoy the show.
So, enjoy.  What I had him write up was actually a combination of about three shows, with the training part included.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lessons in Sadism

Lessons in Sadism with Your Naked Man or Slave
Kathy Kreckovitch
(Actually, I made Chuck write this.  It is several sessions, but put into one storey.)

I swore I'd never let it happen again, but Kathy won her bet again. Now I have to write about it, and at least there is less pain involved in writing than in being there.

As usual, the bet was for a sum of money if I won (and I usually did) and a weekly stipend to keep in shape had always been a part of our arrangement. Later, after loosing one bet, I was relieved that she only made one demand: to return as my personal trainer as she had been when I was serious about entering a physique contest. I had no idea what hell she could put me through, or at least no serious memory of it. I realize that the reason is that back then, I really wanted to develop, now, it is only payment or a service to her.

At any rate, this continued for some time. From time to time she would bring a few friends over who would watch and of course she exposed me generously on those occasions, although one portion remained covered. Once in awhile, she would use nipple clamps for a few seconds, but that was about it. And don't let anyone fool you. Those things can really hurt! She would not tell me exactly why she would bring these women along, but I suspect she charged them for the sight and the instruction to apply these techniques on their slaves as I remembered one or two of them from the past.

This last bet, however, involved being her complete slave for an entire day with no limits. Kathy is the first to admit that she is a pure sadist, not just a domme, but an active sadist. She gets a thrill out of humiliation and inflicting pain, watching another suffer, especially a man once she has broken through that "Male Stoicism" and crushed his ego, as she puts it.

I had given her the key to my place, of course, but was surprised again to wake up in her basement amphitheater. This is how she had worked things before, but what surprised me was the seating arrangement. Instead of having me in front of rows of women and girls, I was in the middle and the audience, all female, was on chairs, elevated, much like a coliseum. I recognized my straight friend Lynn and also Dr. Christine who experimented with the male reproductive system, developing both drugs or medications and techniques. I did not feel very confident, especially when I noticed a mat on the ground with restraints and a bench. Also, suspended from the ceiling was a long rope. I got up, still clothed, and looked around, obviously surrounded and apprehensive.

The girls were all eager and prepared. Kathy spoke "Welcome to our demonstration and experiment, girls, welcome!" She got applause and I was a bit over whelmed to see she was wearing a microphone. Next to her, further back, was a metal box and curiously enough, an electric socket in the floor to which I gave little thought.

"As you all know, you will both learn a great deal and enjoy yourselves, whether you are professional trainers, traders, or just like to watch. You will see how to reduce a man to a mere bundle of meat and nerves, an object to be enjoyed," she finished to great applause.

This scared me a great deal and I know it showed. I could see it in the eyes of those in the front rows. "Take you shirt off for us, Chuck," said Kathy.

The girls applauded a bit as my eyes widened and I began looking again for an escape routs. No luck, but soon I felt my neck being choked, more and more tightly, as Kathy help up a remote control to me. I found a collar around my nect that I hadn't noticed before and tried to pull at it, trying to loosen it. Kathy help up a remote control and said "This is on a low setting, Chuck, be nice and take off the shirt and follow orders quickly or this will happen" and the collar shrank deeply, almost sutting into my neck, dropping me to my knees as I finally said "Yes, ma'am, I promise"! The collar relaxed, I got up again, and took off my shirt, much to the delight at of the audience. How much did they pay for this? I wondered. I heard a bit of an answer.

"Now remember, you must get him in a position to obey you without question. I could have Chuck in that position if I had him under my control for a week, maybe two, but he is far more valuable to me one day at a time, so to speak. Each time I break him again."

She gave me an evil grin, and said "and I love breaking him."

The girls applauded.

"Shoes, socks, pants, now!" She commanded, and I removed my clothing, left in only the tiniest thongs imaginable. There were all sort of reactions and I was turning red. It had been a long time since this happened to me and I was not prepared for it emotionally. I felt exposed and humiliated although we had just begun.

The next two hours were exhausting, but there is no need for detail. Kathy demonstrated the correct training regime for a male slave with respect to building up his body to where it is aesthetically pleasing to a woman. All of my muscles ached, as usual, and at the end, Kathy commanded me to remove my thong and then I could rest, providing I lay down on my stomach and she gave the signal to all the women with cameras to take photos. Since she is a photojournalist, she took the one displayed at this site. I was allowed to rest for about 45 minutes while she refreshed herself and prepared for the ominous sounding "next stage" of the event.

She was ready all to soon, for my taste, replacing the collar.

"Stay still while Dr. Christine administers the first dose," she ordered.

I was quite nervous and looked around, moved my arms a bit as Christine approached, and I felt my neck chocked again. "Still!" she shouted, and I was still as the collar relaxed.

Christine took out her hypodermic and approached me from behind. "Up a bit," she whispered and I slowly raised my ass. She parted it, inserted the needle, plunged it into my prostrate, and whispered "good boy," and patted my ass.

"On your back, on the mat," Kathy commanded.

I turned over and four girls came up, placing my wrists and ankles in straps, each strap binding both upwards and up. There was no going back now, if ever there was, but I felt it more deeply now as my cock began to rise and then harden. "Ah, Christine, well done so far," Kathy said, and there was applause and anticipation in the audience.

Christine replied "Thank you, but there is yet more to do before this experiment is complete," as she grinned at me with a look on her face that was both happy and somewhat evil at the same time. The audience was delighted with this as well, but it started me shivering.

Kathy then took out another ring or collar which tiny needles on the inside that she wrapped around my cock and balls. "Let's see how well it is working," said Kathy as she turned a knob on another remote control. The ring began to tighten and the needles dug in slightly. It was not enough to cause pain, but enough to paralyze me. She then twisted it more and I felt the needles dig in further and an electric shock sink to the depths of me, leaving me to scream out in pain. The audience went wild, applauding and clapping in a rhythm as Kathy turned the knob one way and then the next, in time to their beat. I kept screaming in wales, louder and softer, and this lasted for what seemed hours, but was only about fifteen minutes.

When she released the pressure, I fell nearly unconscious, breathing rapidly, still feeling the pain as Lynn came over to dry some tears that dropped from my eyes, "Poor boy," she said and then backed off as I lost consciousness.

I regained consciousness shortly, but Kathy acted as if it had been hours. "About time. Lazy, like all men. Well, you will soon move more quickly."

She nodded to Christine who came and injected each of my balls, separately, with some serum and I yelled out, not so much in pain as the invasion and suddenness of it. "You will learn what real pain is soon, Chuck," Kathy said, much to the delight of the spectators. My eyes widened and saw a malicious, cruel, look on her face, beyond anything I have even seen from her.

She reached into the box again and pulled out a wire with long needles on each side. In the middle of the wire was a small metal object. "It is an antenna," she said as if anticipating my question. She then stooped down and inserted a needle in my right nipple, first holding it against my flesh, pushing it, then abruptly sticking it through the nipple. The pain was unexpected and sharp. She did the same with the other, just as painful, and causing me to scream out again. She slapped my face and said "Take it like a good slave," and I nodded, hoping that she would stop.

She then used another remote and shots of pain hit each nipple, alternately. I twisted and turned, writhing in agony. I'm sure I screamed out as the girls in the audience whistled, screamed, gave cat-calls, applause, and cheers.

She eventually paused and asked, "See how he obeys my every whim? If I want him to writhe in pain, he will writhe. Want more?"

The screaming was overwhelming. They were loving this as much as I feared it. She turned on the switch again, and the twisting repeated until she turned it off.

"Wait, there is more," she said.

Kathy then took out another needle that was attached to a wire. She offered it to Christine who said "Sorry, Chuck, but I have to do this just right," as she stuck it straight into my abdomen, my stomach and attached it to the other wire. She backed off, and nodded to Kathy.

Kathy then switched it on again and I felt longer jabs at my right pectoral, then the stomach, then the left pec, and over and over again, completely random as to which would jab next, as I squirmed and shouted out in agony as the girls again reacted.

Lynn told me then that many were masturbating themselves in the seats.

The pain continued in jabs, and then stopped.

Kathy then nodded to Christine, saying "Now would be a good time for the last experiment" and grinned.

I was sweating all over and breathing heavily as Christine approached. She took out another hypodermic and knelt down next to me, whispering, "Now there will be some pain as I insert the needle, but keep as still as possible so I don't tear something."

Nothing frightened me more as she took my still rigid cock in one hand and began to insert the needle into my urethra very carefully. I breathed in with sharp breaths and uttered high-pitched sounds as she sunk it in carefully. It hurt like hell and I will never go through that again. She then began to pull it upwards while pushing down on the plunger slowly, coating the inside entirely. "That should do it," she said, smiling.

He's ready, she said to Kathy.

"OK, girls, how many have come to learn more about edging?" she asked. Enough raised their hands, believe me.

"With the hands only, first," she said, and several came down from their seats and stood over me. The first, a thin blonde with silky, straight, long hair, much like Lynn's, sat down cross-legged and slowly moved he fingers up the bottom of my penis while steadying it with her thumb. She was delicate about it at first, then sped up slowly and tightened her grip. After a short while, she had me to where I could feel the juices flowing, began to moan a bit, and arched my back up to increase the friction. I felt it welling up in me and all I could think of was cumming and feeling her finger. I reach the point where I thought I would explode when Kathy shouted "Stop," and also tightened the strap around my cock and balls, the needles now digging in.

I moaned, nearly delirious, as Kathy came to me, patted my cheek, and loosened the strap. I foolishly thought she was going to go easy on me, but she simply replaced it with another, smaller, strap, with sharper and longer needles, this time at the base of my cock. "There, I feel safer now," she said and my eyes glowed at he in anger. She turned the switch once and the needles, electrified, dug in for a second. I let out a yell as she said "Now don't EVER look at me like that again, UNDERSTAND?" I simply nodded.

The next one came up. She preferred to kneel and use her thumb on the underside and tormented me for a long time until again I felt ready to cum, but all Kathy ahd to do was hold the remote and I held out longer. Then, when I felt I could not longer hold back, I arched again and the needles dug in again, me in horrible pain, and the girl smiling, giving me a kiss.

This went on for at least an hour, and then Kathy said "Now those with talented tongues!" A few came down, grinning, even pushing one another for their place in line, pushing in a way I haven't seen with women before.

The first kneeled down, legs on each side of me, and began to lick my underside, slowly, then more quickly. She eventually took the head into her mouth, circled it with her tongue, while puling upwards a bit at a time. She kept this up until I was ready again, arching forward, trying to move my arms to her head but restrained still, and then Kathy ended it. This went on for what seemed like another hour with several until Kathy's girls had each had their turn.

She then turned to Lynn. "OK, hun, he's all yours" and Lynn pulled up her short skirt, wearing no underwear, and sat on my cock, moving up and dawn, her eyes gradually rolling back, giving out squeals and calling my name, but Kathy did not interrupt. Finally I came, and them collapsed, exhausted, as was Lynn. Lynn laid herself on me and relaxed as Kathy dismissed the crowd:

"This ends our exhibition. We hope you learned how to properly treat your slaves."

There was much applause to which I was too tired to hear and then I went unconscious again.

Hours later, I woke, stood up, and started to leave as Kathy took one more photo for her album from a perch somewhat above me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I am Chuck's personal trainer and have taken a more active role.  
The first is one of him totally nude.
The second is nice -- I like his ass like that -- so tight.  I made him pose for it
right after a workout.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I just love stringing this humiliation out.  This is from the same session, but at the beginning (almost) before we had shaved his whole body.  God, isn't he lovely girls?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pic of Chuck

I just loved doing this one.  He lost his bet, obviously.  Maybe more to come. :)