Friday, August 1, 2014

Naked, Suspended, Exciting and still Erect.

 Kathy here.  I saw this lovely artwork and immediately got wet.  I don't care if it is the sort of things gay men find exciting, I do too.  I see myself having the slave bound, the rope placed around his neck, his naked body squirming and gasping as he spills his last spurt of semen, his final ejaculation, and all for me.  The need does not come over me all that often, but it is overpowering when it does and I must do something about it.  Lucky for me, there are enough young and viral men willing and eager to submit.  Otherwise, I would have to force one of them.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chuck pays me back.

Kathy Again

I really didn't expect Kathy to surprise me again as I thought I knew all her tricks.  Indeed, this is one thing I never expected.

I had, of course, finally lost another bet and that was weeks, even a month ago.  I had, of course, signed the waiver and given he the keys to my place, but after awhile, I though maybe she had forgotten.  Certainly, I had stopped worrying.  I even thought about changing the locks since it had been so long since I saw or heard from her.

However, early last Saturday, she knocked on my door, then opened it.  "You ready?" she asked.

"Er, Kathy?  Ready for what?"

"Don't play stupid, slave, I claim you for this day as we agreed."

I was already dressed and followed he out to her van.  She had about four friends with her as I slipped into a seat near the window at the back.

"Wow, you're not kidding, Kathy," one said.

"When do we see him without all these ugly clothes on him?" another asked.

"When we get there," Kathy said, pronouncing sentence, leaving no doubt in my mind, stuck in the back with lovely girls or women, all trying to feel what I'd look like naked.  It was a strange feeling after so long.

And strangely enough, some may say this was a mild episode compared to some of the others I had experienced.

The trip took about three hours as the roads became two lane, then gravel, and then dirt.  Eventually, we had to get out and walk about a quarter mile.

"What the hell?" I asked.

"It might be," Kathy answered, and I left it there.

 We go to the edge of a cliff, or stone wall type structure, and we were about 40 feet above the ground as I looked down and saw a group of more women and girls, looking upwards, some in garden chairs, some further back on blankets, and the ones close up standing.  I looked at Kathy, puzzled.

"All you have to do is climb down this cliff, that's all."

I looked and then said "But it's straight up, and very tiny cracks to hold on to."

"That's why you'll need these," she said, holding up a pair of thin tennis shoes and a small, see-through, pouch, or strap.

"I don't get it," I said.

"Well, first, you need to have these clothes off as you need to get very, very close to the surface to reach everything, and second you will need this pouch so, well, a certain valuable part of you doesn't get ripped off or torn and there is a place where you have to be lose, but if you get right again the wall, there is a hole or crevice, and these could get caught," she said, grinning, and holding my ball through my slacks.

"The are at least three such places," she said.

For some reason, she let me go behind a few trees and change and I reluctantly came out wearing only the pouch and the shoes.  The girls at the top gave exuberant whistles, but they were drowned out when the ones below say me at the top.

I have seldom felt such fear.  I had dived off platforms higher than this, but then that had made me realize how hard I would hit if I fell. 

"Start climbing," Kathy said, to wild applause.

I have to tell you, this was the hardest thing she had made me do.  I was partly covered, but felt completely exposed and vulnerable.  Afraid for my life, in fact.

I started down, finding places to put my toes, then further down until my hands found spots as well, I descended slowly, shaking, and as she said had my body flush with the all.  I knew my naked ass and entire back muscles were exposed and enjoyed, but that was not even on my mind.  I was trying to get down, to survive.

I went past the first place she warned about.  She was right.  My private parts were inside a crag that was sharp and triangular, narrowing towards the bottom, and only that meager strap held them so I could pull back at just the right time and continue my descent.  Honestly, I was perfectly dressed for this ordeal as anything else would have either kept me too far from some of the places to grip or left my cock and balls inside to be ripped at least a bit as I descended.

The entire descent took over an hour and every muscle in my body hurt from the strain.  I could feel pain in every muscle and was totally exhausted, my eyes watering, on my back, and unable to move and the women and girls walked by, taking snapshots, sometimes squeezing a muscle, especially the thighs, but mainly just satisfying themselves in ways I need not describe.

So, I had gone from mild disinterest, to boredom, to apprehension, to embarrassment, to fear, to pain, and then full exhaustion, all in one day.

Kathy always manages to surprise me.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

feel free to follow

I can't make the thing work so you can follow automatically and the person who is letting me use this space will not bother trying to help.  He says it is enough he opened it for me. 

I am Kathy

Damn, but this cost me way too much, but Czar relented.  I am reopening this because Chuck will be free to share what happened to him at my hands without any interference.  Here is what I said and the EP kept saying I violated "their guidelines" although there was no sex involved at all.  I was able to get it through to a select few who may repost it, I don't know.  Here is is, word for word, along with the photo of him befoe the whipping:

My name is Kathy Kreckovitch and I have a few comments.
Chuck let me into his account because I did not fully believe what he was telling me about this place and the strange censorship. If it proves to be a problem, I will ask my other firend to open the blog again, even though he doesn’t like it. Everyone has his price.
Now, I do not do these things to Chuck for just sex. For me, it is power, pure and simple. I love forcing strong men to obey my will. I like to impose my will on them. Chuck is perfect for this because he doesn’t like it so he is more of a challenge (even though I know better – he likes it afterwards, sometimes it just takes awhile).
Yes, I pay him to keep in shape and I like to watch. Money is power in this case. To train the way I order him to takes a lot of time and effort. I love to see the pain in his face when he gets to the second to last repetition of some sets. It is true agony, but he does it, because if he doesn’t, he will not get paid.
I know he thinks he is getting paid with the benefit of health. The truth is I know him. Without that little incentive, he would sit around and lose that excellent definition he has to work so hard for. (That term means how well his muscles stand out from each other.)
I would get guys writing me wanting to be slaves, but they just don’t get it. I like to force them to their knees, to reduce them through pain and humiliation, all against their will. I have seen losers who offer to be castrated. Now that would be a loss. It is only the testosterone that makes them such great objects to be dominated in the first place. That is why Christine is helpful with her potency medications and Lynn to make him horny. I just like to see him lose the struggle against my will. And yes, it gets me hot, too.
When this first started, I made Chuck ask what was allowed and he found out that it was open. His problem was he asked other users, not the administration. Well, the administration can do whatever they want. It is their property, but Chuck is my property when I want him to be.
So, that is all I have to say. I’ve read all your remarks before writing this and thank you. Chuck writes what happened very well and I am glad you like it. If it turns out he has to censor himself again, I will have that site opened and invite all of you.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nude Men Punished and Used


Friday, June 14, 2013

Making Men More Sexually Useful -- Dr. Rossi

  The Amazing Dr. Rossi

"Now this patient hasn't had an ejaculation in the past year and a
half," said Dr. Rossi, staring dubiously at the flaccid cock that
belonged to the handsome young man on the gurney. He had been an
unwilling participant in this clinical trial and had to be secured with
restraining clamps on all four of his limbs. And due to his vociferous
and frequent outbursts, it had been found necessary to tape his mouth
shut. It had been his wife's suggestion that he volunteer for the
experiment, and at first he willingly obliged. But, when he failed to
respond to all treatments, she had ordered the doctor to resort to any
and all means necessary to restore his sexual functioning, which she
believed was the only way to salvage their marriage. She sat on a chair
next to him, comforting him with words of encouragement. But for all her
appeasements, the patient wriggled furiously to and fro seeking escape
from his bonds. With his mouth taped shut he could only look on
helplessly as he awaited his fate.

Dr. Allison Rossi was a tall, commanding woman who exuded a professional
authority that had won her the respect and admiration of her peers. At
only twenty-seven, she had already received international acclaim for
her work in advanced biogenetics, and this latest clinical demonstration
would only serve to advance her career to even greater heights. To look
at her, with her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and her white
lab coat hiding the ample bosom behind it, one would never know that the
bespectacled young woman bore a very close resemblance to Christina
Hendrix, the American actress who played Joan Harris on the AMC cable
television series "Mad Men". Jill, her close friend and the nurse who
was now positioning her hands around both the base and tip of the
patient's penis, had often remarked that if the doctor had only dyed her
hair red, she would be a dead ringer for the beautiful actress. But Dr.
Rossi was a woman who had long ago decided to devote her life to
science, and the vanity that was usually concomitant with superior
beauty had never manifested itself within the confines of her exalted
intellect. She was, first and foremost, a scientist.

"Even the EJAX-472 drug has proven to be ineffective in bringing about
the desired result," the doctor continued.

The thick glass window separating the lab area from the viewing room
allowed the spectators on the other side, all of whom were women, to
watch impassively as Dr. Rossi performed what she euphemistically called
a "spermatic disencumbrance," a forced masturbation technique employed
to completely rid a patient's testicles of semen. Her procedure was
holistically based and was used where other methods had failed.

"I can't believe EJAX had no effect on him," Mary Kate Olsen said from
the other side of the partition, her voice amplified by an internal PA
system. "I thought it worked with everybody."

The Olsen Clinic was the latest addition to the downtown Manhattan
landscape, occupying one square block of prime real estate that had been
sold off recently to the twins' investment firm, Dual Star. The sisters
had spent over 100 million dollars to build the Clinic after their
brother Trent had experienced severe penile trauma encountered in an
automobile accident. After several weeks of intense treatment by various
methods, he was finally cured of his ejaculatory problems by the novel
methods of Dr. Rossi. The famous actress and fashion designer, along
with her sister Ashley who stood beside her, had been invited to attend
the experiment to witness further proof of Dr. Rossi's procedure.

"No, Mary Kate," the doctor replied. "Not with everybody."

The doctor watched Jill expertly masturbate the patient's cock as his
wife looked on with a sympathetic smile.

"What about 'Spermator,'" Ashley inquired. "Have you tried that?"

"Yes. But it was equally ineffectual."

The doctors and other medical staff surrounding the twins watched
intently as Jill's hands worked on the patient's cock, her fluid motions
revealing long years of practice.

"Slow, easy strokes," Dr. Rossi advised the red-haired beauty. "Keep
your thumb in constant contact with his frenulum while you stroke the
shaft with your other hand. I'll stimulate his prostate. If we do this
in tandem we should achieve excellent results."

Jill nodded and positioned her hands according to the doctor's
directions. The patient's wife watched interestedly as the nurse's right
hand glided effortlessly up and down her husband's penis while her left
thumb teased the sensitive strip of flesh under the glans.

"That's good," the doctor said. "Do not deviate or cease from what you
are doing."

The young man moaned softly as his prick responded favorably to the
nurse's skilled touch.

"I think he likes that," the wife said to Jill. "He's starting to get an

"How does that feel, Mr. Wilson?" Jill asked him.

Mr. Wilson shook his head weakly in the affirmative.

"Don't worry, honey," Mrs. Wilson said to her husband. "You're in good

It was clearly evident that Mr. Wilson did not like being restrained,
and he gave every indication of this at intervals when he tugged on the
leather straps that fastened him to the gurney. But the metal clamps the
straps were attached to would not budge, and after a while he realized
that it was futile to resist.

"It's okay, sweetheart," his wife said, enjoying the sight of his
hardening cock. "Let the doctor help you."

After Jill had spent a few minutes manipulating his penis, the doctor
took the gloved index finger of her left hand and applied a small amount
of lubricant to it and drew it toward the man's anus. "I'm going to
stimulate your prostate now, Mr. Wilson. You'll feel a slight bit of
discomfort at first but it will soon subside. Are you ready?"

A look of terror came upon Mr. Wilson's face as he struggled to draw his
legs together in an effort to avoid the unwelcome intrusion.

"He's kind of anal retentive," Mrs. Wilson told the doctor.

"Your husband seems to enjoy holding on to things," Dr. Rossi replied.
"Including his sperm. Okay, here we go."

She slowly inserted her finger into the man's rectum and began to gently
and methodically move it around searching for the prostate gland. Mr.
Wilson, anticipating unpleasantness, found the sensation of having his
anus probed rather enjoyable. He stopped fidgeting and allowed himself
to be consoled by his wife's comforting touch.

"Look honey," she said, pointing to his penis. "Look how big you're

It was an impressive specimen. At ten inches it towered over his abdomen
like a silent monolith; a sleeping giant awaiting the right combination
of circumstances to bring it to life.

"What is the name of that new oral treatment you're using, Allison?"
asked one of the doctors.

"It's a new type of aphrodisiac based upon the atropa belladonna plant."

"Beladonna?" the woman replied, frowning as she said it. "All parts of
that plant contain strong alkaloids. In the proper dosage it will
increase desire, but an overdose will lead to respiratory paralysis.
Surely you know that."

"Not to mention that it has hallucinogenic properties," another woman noted.

Dr. Rossi chuckled. "Not to worry, ladies. I have genetically engineered
the protein and all radical elements have been removed. The belladonna
is combined with several organic herbs like cacao, ginkgo, and others
that are known to incite sexual desire in men. Used in conjunction with
the physical treatment we are now applying to the patient, we will
succeed in producing an ejaculation where EJAX-472, Spermator, and other
synthetic-based remedies might fail."

"Do you have a name for this liquid wonder of yours?" Mary Kate asked
the doctor.

"Yes. I call it 'Stimulata'."

Mr. Wilson's cock, standing fully erect and already beginning to show
signs of pre-cum at the tip, now became the center of attention. Jill's
magnificent handjob coupled with the prostate stimulation and a generous
dose of Stimulata injected directly into his scrotum earlier in the day
had produced a monstrous erection that drew gasps from every woman in
the room. Impressive as his cock was, one couldn't help but notice that
his scrotum also was abnormally large, distended beyond its normal
dimensions to accommodate the prodigious increase in sperm production.
His genitals were, in effect, a time bomb waiting to go off.

"I think we can expect a robust ejaculation, nurse," Dr. Rossi said to
her assistant as she plied Mr. Wilson's prostate with great care.

"I'm looking forward to it, doctor," Jill replied, as she stole a glance
at Mrs. Wilson who was cradling her husband's head in her arms.

"Look at his testicles," the doctor said. "You never see that kind of
distension without a full and energetic release of semen."

"I would love to see that!" Mrs. Wilson said abruptly. "It's been such a
long time since he's had an orgasm."

"Well you won't have to wait much longer. Now if Mr. Wilson will behave
himself I'll remove the tape from his mouth because I would really like
to get his feedback. What do you say, Mr. Wilson?"

The man grunted and shook his head indicating he would comply.

"Good. Mrs. Wilson, if you wouldn't mind."

Mrs. Wilson did as she was told and the patient inhaled deeply once the
sticky tape was removed.

"How are we doing?" the doctor asked him.

"There's a hell of a lot of pressure down there, doc," he replied,
taking short, but rapid, breaths. "But it feels damn good!"

The doctor smiled as she continued to fondle his asshole. "Stimulation
of the prostate gland will give you that pressurized sensation. Once
your orgasm begins it will dissipate."

"Well I feel like I'm going to shoot off pretty soon!" he said, gasping
for air.

"Yes, I can see that."

"But I have to tell you that I'm really pissed off at being forced into

"I'm sorry, honey," Mrs. Wilson said, kissing him gently on the cheek.
"But you wouldn't listen to reason."

"You call this reasonable? I'm being forced against my will."

At that moment, Jill gave his penis an energetic tug and Mr. Wilson
groaned with pleasure.

"You see," Mrs. Wilson laughed. "You're enjoying this despite yourself."

"I hate what you're doing to me, doctor," he said, ignoring his wife.
"And with all these other women looking on too. It's obscene."

"It's all in the name of science, Mr. Wilson. "Now please refrain from
making any untoward remarks or I'll have to shut you up again."

He was going to reply, thought the better of it, and sunk his head back
into his wife's arms. The women continued to manipulate his body, and
for a short time not a word was spoken.

"Tell me what you're feeling," Dr. Rossi said to him.

"There's still a lot of pressure down there."

"Take a deep breath and relax," she replied as she looked over at Jill
whose right hand stroked his pulsating prick with devastating speed.

"He's getting close," Jill said, putting all her effort into making him

"Is everyone looking at this?" Dr. Rossi asked her audience.

"There's no place else to look!" Mary Kate replied, stating the obvious.

The thirty or so other women behind the glass focused their collective
gaze on Jill's unforgiving handjob and barely spoke a word in
anticipation of witnessing Mr. Wilson's climax.

"Remember," the doctor said to the nurse. "As soon as you see him start
to ejaculate, stop masturbating him and squeeze the base of his shaft
hard. And don't take your thumb off his frenulum."

"Yes, doctor," she replied, without taking her eyes off her work. "But

"My control over his prostate will force an ejaculation without your
having to do anything. Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks."

During this time Mary Kate and Ashley could barely hide their enthusiasm
as they watched the doctor and Jill expertly guide the handsome man
toward orgasm. They had seen many a prick explode its thick, white
contents before, with many of those exemplary cumshots having been
provoked by their very own hands. When they had heard of Dr. Rossi's
holistic approach to the treatment of male ejaculatory dysfunction they
contacted her and asked her to head the Clinic, to which the doctor
readily agreed. Being deeply involved in the environmental movement,
both sisters relished the idea of supporting a novel medical technique
that was organically based and which had proven to be so beneficial in
treating their brother's condition.

"What exactly are you doing to his prostate, doctor?" Ashley asked.

"I'm actually controlling it," she replied. "By manipulating the
prostate gland I can time exactly when he will ejaculate. It's similar
to when you bring a man to the point of orgasm and then immediately stop
masturbating him. By doing that many times you create a lot pressure in
the scrotal sac, and when he does finally ejaculate, it's almost always
a very robust one. The impact of my technique will result in a greater
discharge of sperm, both in volume, speed of emission, and quality."

"Your tri-lateral approach is very intriguing, Dr. Rossi," one of her
colleagues commented. "I'm anxious to see the results of your findings."

Just then Mr. Wilson let out a loud groan.

"I think you're going to see some results very soon," Mary Kate said to
the woman.

Jill continued to masturbate Mr. Wilson but she looked concerned.
"Doctor, I think the patient is..."

"He's not quite there yet, nurse. Keep stroking."

The doctor relaxed her hand and withdrew her finger from Mr. Wilson's
rectum. The other nurse, a young girl of twenty with short black hair,
stared into the computer screen behind the patient's head. "What's the
readout say?" she asked the girl.

"All functions are perfectly normal except for an elevation in blood
pressure and respiration."

The doctor nodded approvingly. "We're almost there."

Encouraging Jill to increase the speed of her handjob, Dr. Rossi took a
moment to speak to her audience.

"I stopped massaging his prostate because it is the intervals between
stimulation in which sperm volume is increased. I want to provoke the
most intense orgasm possible in order to completely empty the testes. It
is better for the patient and it certainly will provide a much better
show for you."

The women found her comment highly amusing.

"I can tell you from my own experience, doctor," Mary Kate said, "that
when I delay a guy's orgasm he always shoots out tons more spunk. It's
like these...ropes...ropes of cum all over the place."

Dr. Rossi laughed. "That's exactly right, Mary Kate. And 'ropes' is a
good way to describe such an orgasm. Do you find that true as well, Ashley?"

The older twin looked at her sister and smiled. "I'm not as good as MK
when it comes to giving handjobs. I usually feel sorry for the guy and
let him cum right away."

The doctor frowned. "Sex should never be rushed. The next time take
things a bit slower. You take control and don't let him ejaculate until
you are ready for him to do so. Believe me, he'll thank you for it."

Ashley accepted her advice with equanimity. "I will," she said.

"I guarantee you that you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of
knowing you stimulated your lover to the highest degree possible—a
stupefying ejaculation! Isn't that what we all want to see ladies?

The women agreed wholeheartedly.

"Good, because that's what you're all going to see right now!"

Dr. Rossi turned her attention to the patient who was now begging for
relief. "For God's sake!" he moaned aloud. "Make me cum!"

The doctor inserted her finger once again into his anus. "Okay, Mr.
Wilson. It's time for you to get rid of all that nasty sperm."

As she worked her finger in and around his prostate gland, Mr. Wilson
screamed aloud. It was not a scream of pain but of intense pleasure.

"Holy fuck!" he exclaimed, thrusting his hips upwards into Jill's
furiously stroking hand. "I'm coming!"

At that very moment a thick wad of semen shot out of his prick and
sailed across the room, splashing into the glass partition with such
force that several unique streams of spunk were created from the initial
impact. The unexpected route of the trajectory made everyone gasp in awe.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Mary Kate exclaimed, too astonished to do
anything but stare at the ample load as it cascaded down toward the
bottom of the partition. "That's got to be at least fifteen feet, easy!"

Ashley was too stunned to offer any coherent reply.

But the twins, and their medical friends, did not have time to ponder
the impressive cumshot for long, because Mr. Wilson was about to launch
another gargantuan blast.

Dr. Rossi and her staff, just as astonished as everyone else at the
mammoth ejaculation provoked by their combined efforts, somehow managed
to retain their professional composure and assiduously worked on Mr.
Wilson's genitals, forcing out a series of rich, multiple ejaculations
that made the first eruption pall by comparison.

Huge ropes of hot cream shot up into the air high above the women's
heads and impacted the lighting fixtures above them while portions of
the ejaculate struck the glass partition where the twins were standing.
One especially virulent explosion made contact with a lonely cactus
plant that sat atop Dr. Rossi's desk. And a few well-placed shots even
ended up being deposited conveniently into a waste paper basket twenty
feet away.

"Oh, my God!" Jill cried, stroking Mr. Wilson's cock with every ounce of
strength she had and laughing hysterically at the incomprehensible
amount of sperm being ejected by his penis. "This is incredible, doctor!"

Mr. Wilson could barely understand what was happening to him. Strapped
down like an animal and having absolutely no control over his own
orgasm, all he could do was to watch in stupefied horror as his loins
released one hot jet of sperm after the other, all instigated by the
beautiful doctor's manipulation of his prostate gland. Mrs. Wilson, on
the other hand, beamed with joy every time another strand of ejaculate
disappeared into the void. For her this meant a new and hopefully
improved sex life, and she relished every spurt.

"Look at it all!" she exclaimed as her husband's prick surrendered rope
after rope of spunk into the air, with a good portion of it ending up in
her own clothes and hair. "Isn't this just fucking marvelous?"

"It looks like your three-pronged approach really works, Allison!" cried
an excited colleague.

The sight of seeing so much cum being deposited generously around the
room finally drove both Mary Kate and Ashley into fits of laughter. The
doctors and nurses couldn't help but shriek with laughter themselves at
the ongoing onslaught of semen that flew out of Mr. Wilson's cock with
each upward pull of Jill's hand.

"God damn it, Allison!" one woman screeched. "I hope you have your hands

It was now almost a full minute and Mr. Wilson's ejaculating tool was
showing no sign of relenting. Jill continued to masturbate his cock with
bold, defiant strokes; employing a technique that bespoke of years of
practice in the masturbatory arts. Both of her hands were now completely
covered over in cum, yet she kept up an incredible pace that would have
forced a less physically powerful woman to give up in despair. She
laughed every time she coaxed another sticky load up into the air,
savoring each spurt as if it had been her own singular effort, instead
of the combined efforts of herself, Dr. Rossi, and the miraculous
Stimulata drug, that was responsible for his massive eruptions.

For his part, Mr. Wilson could not help but lay frozen in place, his
entire body completely inert except for the energized slab of meat
between his legs that spewed out load after load of stringy ejaculate.
Between the superlative handjob, the prostate massage, and the wondrous
herbal concoction he had been injected with, he could not help but
deliver up every ounce of sperm his body could produce. It was an
unusual feeling for him to be so completely out of control and his fate
left in the hands of these masterful women. But as much as he hated
being at their mercy, he discovered that there was a distinct feeling of
elation in his forced subjugation; a feeling of heightened libido that
was, paradoxically, empowering in itself. Never in his life had he felt
so sexually thrilled and alive. And now, as the second minute mark
elapsed and his prick was still shooting out streams of creamy cum, he
found himself actually enjoying the joy of being totally out of control.

  The Amazing Dr. Rossi


Mary Kate, Ashley, and every other woman in the room were feeling a
similar kind of euphoria. Many of them could not help but be turned on
by the singularly lustful exhibition, and the voyeuristic nature of the
prurient spectacle added its own perverse element to Mr. Wilson's
ejaculatory performance. Known for their predilection for anything
fetishistic, including a fondness for big cocks and giant cumshots, Mary
Kate and Ashley watched the show with fascination and amusement. Mary
Kate, especially, got very horny whenever she witnessed any major
expulsion of semen.

"I love these huge fucking ropes!" she told Ashley, as one giant wad of
spunk splashed into the glass window above their heads. "It makes me so

Ashley, being more demure than her outgoing sister, usually reacted in a
steadfastly equanimous fashion when confronted with such outrageous
sexual spectacles. But it was impossible for her not to be affected by
what she was seeing. The lascivious, exemplary nature of the event was
such that no one, not herself, Mary Kate, nor the doctors and medical
staff in attendance, could avoid being overcome with desire. Some were
better at hiding their lustful feelings, but Ashley shared the same
fondness as Mary Kate for those "huge fucking ropes" and she found
herself just as enraptured at the sight as her more candid and outspoken

"Did I just see him shoot three loads at once?" she asked Mary Kate, as
she pointed to one corner of the room where she had seen the ejaculate land.

"Yes! Yes!" Mary Kate, exclaimed. "Three fucking shots of cum! My
panties are fucking soaked!"

Both girls couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably.

"This if fucking unbelievable!" Ashley managed to say, barely able to
catch her breath.

"Imagine if Dr. Swensen were here to see this?" Mary Kate said, doubled
over with laughter.

"I think she'd be jealous!"

"I think she'd be fucking flipping out!"

Just then another long and stringy load splashed into the partition not
far from where they were standing, creating a monstrous explosion of
tiny globules that splattered onto the glass like heavy rain. The other
women in the room with the twins reacted with both laughter and bemusement.

"I'm going to have a hard time explaining this to my husband," Dr.
Rossi's colleague commented wryly.

"You'd think he's frosting a god damn cake!" her associate noted.

A young and pretty intern followed the stream of spunk as it snaked down
onto the floor. "I'll have to try out Dr. Rossi's approach on my boyfriend."

"I'd take out some life insurance first!" her friend said dryly.

No one could help but be both startled and entertained by Mr. Wilson's
superb ejaculatory performance. By this time the room was fairly soiled
with his creamy effluence, and it looked like he was in no danger of
stopping any time soon.

"I am so loving this!" Mary Kate exclaimed. "I wish I could make a guy's
cock cum like that!"

"I think you do pretty well for yourself," Ashley replied, as she
contemplated the newly formed sperm mosaic on the glass. "Look at all
that spunk."

"Oh, come on Ash. Are you kidding? You can't tell me you wouldn't want
to be able to make a guy cum like this."

Ashley laughed. "As long as I'm wearing some kind of protective gear!"

For the next minute Mr. Wilson contributed another quart of his precious
seed toward the interior decoration of the lab. Finally, at just after
the three-minute mark, his orgasm subsided, ending in an astounding
triple cumshot that flew up and hit the ceiling with incredible speed.
It was like watching the ending of a Fourth of July celebration with the
fireworks increasing in intensity toward the very end of the performance.

The glass partition was literally awash with cum, and the room looked
like it would require the services of a professional cleaning team to
get rid of the vast amounts of spunk that now saturated almost every
piece of medical equipment within it. Dr. Rossi's holistic approach had
been a resounding success. The women, awed by what they had seen, gave
her a hearty round of applause.

"Amazing!" a middle-aged doctor said to Dr. Rossi. "Allison, you're a

Dr. Rossi, her hands dripping with sperm, reached for a towel and bowed
her head politely and smiled. "Thank you Dr. Monroe. But let's not
forget to thank Mr. Wilson and my nurse Jill for their contributions as

Mr. Wilson was too overcome with exhaustion to say anything except to
nod his head in weak acknowledgment for the loud round of applause
offered him. Jill, too, was looking quite tired. And as she reached for
a towel she merely shook her head and sat down next to Mr. Wilson's
wife, who was now smiling from ear to ear.

"Isn't this just wonderful?" she gushed. "Don't you think it's
wonderful, nurse?"

"Yes," Jill replied. "For all concerned."

Mrs. Wilson wrapped her arms around her husband and kissed him
repeatedly on the face. "Maybe we can start planning on having some kids
now honey," she said sweetly.

Mr. Wilson only groaned.


"What exactly is this herbal formula comprised of?" Mary Kate asked Dr.
Rossi after they had exited the lab and were walking toward the main
entrance of the building.

"I can tell you that the bulk of the ingredients can be found in almost
any health food store. But there are a few more exotic components..."

"Like the belladonna..."

"Yes, and a few others that I'm not at liberty to divulge."


"Because they are a patented formulation that is based upon my genetic

"Professional trade secret, doctor?" Ashley inquired.

"Professional trade secret."

Mary Kate walked a few paces and suddenly halted.

"I see a fortune in this," she said to Dr. Rossi, sounding like the
quintessential entrepreneur she really was. "I've discussed this with
Ashley and we would like to help you bring your invention to market."

Dr. Rossi smiled generously. "Not so fast ladies. This is not a magic
pill in the sense EJAX-472 is. Stimulata is a drug, yes, but it requires
a tri-lateral approach in the treatment of male ejaculatory dysfunction.
Along with the herbal component there is the issue of proper stimulation
of the prostate and the correct manipulation of the frenulum. These
methods cannot be learned from simply reading a manual. They require a
dedicated hands-on approach."

"Well, what's to stop you from giving classes here?" Ashley asked. "You
or some of your trained staff could instruct others in your techniques."

"For a price of course," Mary Kate added.

"Of course," agreed Ashley. "You would hold the patent for the herbal
formula and MK and I would have our company market it for you in
conjunction with training classes that we could hold in various clinics
around the world."

"Think of the money and prestige," Mary Kate said to the doctor. "All
those guys who have trouble shooting out a load will be on their knees
praising your name just like they did with Dr. Swensen a few years ago."

"I'm not after money and prestige," Dr. Rossi replied. "I simply want to
help people—and to be acknowledged for my work."

"You will be acknowledged, Allison," Ashley said, trying to appeal to
her altruistic instincts. "Look at it this way. MK and I wouldn't be
here right now if you hadn't helped our brother with his problem. You
gave him a solution when no one else could. I'd say that's helping
people in the most fundamental way."

The doctor smiled and looked out toward the bustling throng of people
just beyond the huge glass doors leading out to the street beyond. "The
joy I felt in helping to cure Trent was its own reward. It was the best
thing I ever did with my life."

Ashley was deeply touched by the sincerity of Dr. Rossi's words. She
reached out and touched the doctor's hand as if in silent understanding.
"You have a tremendous gift to heal people. We just want to make your
discovery known to the world so that others can benefit from your

"I only want to know one thing, Allison," Mary Kate said. "Ash and I
couldn't be here to see our brother's treatment. But Mr. Wilson...well,
are all guys capable of having those kinds of mind-blowing orgasms using
your technique?"

Dr. Rossi thought for a moment and then shook her head. "Of course not
all individuals react in the same way to treatment. But I would say, and
with positive certainty, that the ejaculations we just witnessed from
Mr. Wilson are possible to all men if they follow my directions to the

"Are you serious?"

"Don't get me wrong, Mary Kate. The orgasm you just witnessed can happen
once, maybe twice, but that's it. Then it's back to normal."

Ashley laughed and patted the doctor on the back. "If it comes down to
having a once in a lifetime orgasm like that, I think most guys will be
sleeping with your manual under their pillows."


The launch event for Stimulata took place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in
Manhattan a few months later. The twins and their impressive public
relations machine made sure that the event received major coverage in
all the social media. Dr. Rossi was interviewed by all three major
television networks prior to the official launch. She made it known how
grateful she was to both Mary Kate and Ashley for their solid support in
bringing her unique three-tiered system to the attention of the world at

"I couldn't have done it without them," the doctor had told Barbara
Walters of "The View" in reference to the financial support she received
from the Olsen sisters that allowed her to bring her creation to life.
"But more than that," she continued, "the love and friendship they have
shown me knows no bounds. Those girls are angels and I love them both."

"Is it true the Olsen sisters took their brother Trent to see you for
some kind of sexual problem he was having?" Ms. Walters had asked.

"Yes. He was suffering from retrograde ejaculation and MK and Ashley
brought him to see me at the Clinic. Once I had diagnosed his ailment I
knew that he would be a perfect candidate for my procedure."

"What were the results?"

"A complete turnaround. He now experiences normal ejaculations."

"Mary Kate told me that she's seen the results of your treatment. She
said that the patients' ejaculations were quite energetic."

"They can be. That's why I advise anyone practicing my technique to wear
a raincoat."

The doctor meant this to be taken seriously but the audience and Ms.
Walters found it highly amusing.

"Should they use an umbrella too?" Ms. Walters jibed.

Not one to suffer gladly the sleight of one-upmanship, Dr. Rossi replied
succinctly: "Well, I wouldn't exactly call it singing in the rain."

Beyond this rather perfunctory interview, some inquisitors took a more
aggressive stance, demanding to know exactly how such powerful
ejaculations could be induced by what they seemed to think was an
unproven scientific approach. Holism aside, they wanted to know what
specific ingredients in the herbal formula were responsible for inducing
such exemplary orgasms. In such cases the doctor replied much as she had
to Mary Kate: it was a trade secret; a patented formula that she would
share with no one. Of course by practicing such obfuscation she only
succeeded in piquing their curiosity even more. But although she had a
right to protect her creation, which was, in legal terms, her
intellectual property and therefore safeguarded by law, the media
pundits never lost an opportunity to get her to divulge her medical
secrets. Regardless of the doctor's feelings on this issue, in the Olsen
sisters' view this maneuvering between the science and social
communities worked like a charm. It kept the doctor and her creation in
the public eye, and there was nothing better for sales than keeping a
product current by pushing it constantly in the media.

"Those news people can wonder all they like," Mary Kate said to Dr.
Rossi as they sat together at the ceremony. "It's good for business."

"Always keep them guessing, Allison," Ashley added. "Always."

"Well, people have a right to know what they're putting into their
bodies, FDA rules notwithstanding. And I tell them. But the manner in
which I formulate the product is my secret."

Thanks to the Olsen's aggressive marketing campaign, Stimulata—and Dr.
Rossi—became well-known throughout the world in only a matter of weeks.
Stimulata clinics rose up in almost every major city and men from all
over the world came to be cured of their ejaculatory dysfunction. Men
who had experienced ejaculatory problems for years applied her technique
with remarkable success, often eschewing other traditional-based
medicines entirely in favor of her holistic approach. Not long after the
introduction of Stimulata on the market, the actor Tom Cruise made an
impassioned endorsement on its efficacy, explaining in a rather blunt
but honest way in a major TV ad that his sex life was never better.
After that, everyone, from the elites on down, sang praises of the
powerful new technique. In a very short while, Dr. Allison Rossi became
the new poster girl for a new brand of scientific approach that relied
less on established medical practices and more upon the organic,
tripartite paradigm of combinatory medicinal techniques.

"We have with us today," said one famous female CBS television anchor
during an early evening broadcast, "the remarkable woman who, along with
her novel holistic cure for male ejaculatory dysfunction, has
revolutionized the medical industry. Her name is Dr. Allison Rossi—the
'amazing' Dr. Rossi as she is now called—and she joins us here now in
our studio. Welcome, Dr. Rossi."

"Thank you for having me."

"A lot of claims are made for your product. Does Stimulata really work?"

" From the studies we've done over the past seven months, approximately
ninety-eight percent of men who have implemented the Stimulata program
have had positive results."

"What about the other two percent?"

"They responded poorly or not at all."

"Is there a reason why these two percent did not respond to your program?"

"There will always be those individuals who for reasons both
physiological and psychological will not respond. This can be said of
any drug, procedure, or treatment—holistic or not. I find the
ninety-eight percent positive response rate very encouraging."

"Do you make house calls?"

"On occasion."

And so it went. Guest talks, special appearances, honors, and awards of
all kinds followed Dr. Rossi's unprecedented success. She was quoted in
every major newspaper, was interviewed by "Time," "Newsweek," and other
high profile magazines, and even did a thirty-second ad spot for her
product on national television. But most significantly, she was hailed
by her medical peers as the progenitor of a unique and highly effective
treatment that had benefited millions of men throughout the world. For
that she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

"I don't know what to say," she remarked as she accepted the award in
Oslo City Hall in Norway. "I really had no idea that my research would
be so successful. But it has, and for that I am grateful."

More awards and honors followed, and her prestige grew accordingly. She
became Times' "Woman of the Year" and her technique was unanimously
hailed in the New England Journal of Medicine. Men all over world
regarded her as their guardian angel—the patron saint of the male
reproductive system—or "Mother Fertility" as she was fondly referred to.

A year had passed since the implementation of her holistic program in
various cities around the world and through it all the Olsen sisters had
provided her with solid financial backing and moral support. Despite her
reluctance to wear the mantle of celebrity, she nonetheless took to the
role with modest acquiescence, learning to field questions with
rhetorical aplomb and manipulate the press to her own
advantage—techniques that she had learned first-hand from the masters of
the art themselves—the Olsen's. In time she had become just as adept as
they in handling the scores of reporters, media pundits, and others who
sought, if only for a moment, to bask in her glory.

All of her varied successes inevitably led her to write a book on the
subject of "Stimulata". But instead of writing a technical treatise on
her research, she decided to write the book more from a personal and
non-technical perspective that would appeal to the layman, as well as
the medical professional. Both Ashley and Mary Kate had advocated
strongly for such a book, believing as they did, and rightly so, that
appealing to the average reader would endear her audience to her and
help promote her methods. It was a clever piece of marketing that served
two functions: it would create an image of the doctor that was warm,
caring, and friendly, thus countering the long-held belief that medical
professionals were inherently cold and indifferent to their patients;
and it would entice people to purchase her training program. The
subsequent success of the book had proved the Olsen's theory correct,
and Dr. Rossi enjoyed an even greater popularity, finding herself a
frequent guest on both radio and TV talk shows in America and abroad.

In the midst of this success, Dr. Rossi got a call from Dr. Helen Paget,
the director of sex education studies at Columbia University Medical
Center in Manhattan and a prominent urologist in her own right. She
asked Dr. Rossi if she would like to attend a class she was teaching on
male ejaculatory dysfunction for both nurses and fourth-year medical
students. She explained that she would be demonstrating the
effectiveness of Stimulata and other masturbatory techniques, and that
the class component would be augmented with a real-world demonstration
in one of the university's labs. Dr. Rossi replied that she would be
delighted to attend and asked if she could invite the Olsen sisters to
come along. Dr. Paget replied that she would be more than happy to have
the twins attend, and the following week Dr. Rossi, along with Mary Kate
and Ashley, took a limo to visit the school.

During the ride Mary Kate related some interesting information to the

"Ash and I did some research on Dr. Prescott, the chief of staff at
Columbia," she began. "It seems he's not what he appears to be."

"I don't understand."

"I don't have the time to go into details now. All I'm asking is that
you let me handle everything."

Dr. Rossi looked perplexed. "Has he done something unethical?"

"Let's just say he's not the nice guy he pretends to be."

A short while later the trio walked into the doctor's class, whose
entire female contingent, swelled to more than fifty people due to the
popularity of the subject matter, threatened to spill out into the corridor.

"Oh, Dr. Rossi," Dr. Paget said as she greeted her colleague warmly, "it
is so nice of you to come. And I can't tell you what a pleasure it is
for me to welcome you Mary Kate and Ashley. We have three seats reserved
for you right up here in front. Please sit down."

Although Dr. Paget had informed her class that Dr. Rossi and the twins
would be attending, the class could not hide their enthusiasm at seeing
these famous celebrities in their midst. It took several minutes to
quiet the excited students down, but Dr. Paget finally managed to get
her class under control, much to the amusement of her esteemed guests.

'Dr. Rossi has graciously offered to explain her techniques here in
class," Dr. Paget began. "After that, we will proceed to Lab 101 for a
practical demonstration of these techniques."

After giving the class a short history on male erectile and ejaculation
dysfunction, Dr. Paget turned the class over to Dr. Rossi, who then
began to offer the students a more detailed explanation of her
three-pronged approach and the wonder drug, Stimulata.

"So Stimulata in and of itself is not enough to promote ejaculation?"
asked a pretty, blonde fourth-year medical student.

  The Amazing Dr. Rossi


"No," Dr. Rossi replied. "Stimulata acts as a precursor to set the
necessary conditions prior to ejaculation."

"Those conditions being manual stimulation of the prostate."

"That is correct."

Dr. Rossi turned her back on the class and rested her finger on a large
drawing of the male reproductive system. "In normal males, ejaculation
occurs in two stages, the emission stage and the expulsion stage. The
emission stage involves the workings of several structures of the
ejaculatory duct; contractions of the prostate gland, the seminal
vesicles, and the vas deferens which push fluids into the bulbourethral
glands. The semen is trapped here and it is at this point that males
perceive to be the point of no return for orgasm. During the expulsion
stage, the muscles at the base of the penis contract in order to propel
the seminal fluid trapped in the bulbourethral glands through the
urethra and expel it through the tip of the penis. The ejaculate is
expelled in spurts, due to the movement of the muscles propelling it.
These muscle contractions are related to the sensations of orgasm for
the male. However, in males with ejaculatory dysfunction, the seminal
fluids never leave the bulbourethral glands. They remain trapped there.
Stimulata acts to force the bulbourethral glands to produce a large
amount of fluid into the urethra before the ejaculate is expelled. This
is not alkaline prostatic fluid but a clear fluid that aids in
lubricating the urethra prior to ejaculation. It is insufficient
quantities of this clear fluid that inhibits ejaculation in males with
this type of dysfunction and what Stimulata works to correct."

"And vibrant stimulation of the prostate is a necessary co-factor?"

"Yes, but it entails a specific technique that must be taught."

"That's all well and good, doctor," said one of the nursing students, a
cute girl with jet-black hair. "But your method requires two people to
achieve results; one to work the prostate and the other to stimulate the
penis. I don't know about you, but I don't think many women are going to
tolerate another female in their bedrooms."

Dr. Rossi laughed. "Ideally two people would be best. But the man can
perform his own masturbation while his partner stimulates his prostate."

"I don't know," another medical student said. "The idea of having a
ménage à trios sounds pretty good to me!"

Her comment caused the class to break into fits of laughter.

"I would think the guy is getting the better end of that deal!" another
girl quipped.

The doctor waited for the room to quiet down and then resumed. "The
point is this. Male ejaculatory dysfunction can be cured. It may take
several applications but eventually the prostate can be trained, so to
speak, to produce enough clear fluid to provide men with a satisfying
ejaculation by simply masturbating."

"I can't wait to see a demonstration of your technique," Dr. Paget said,
beaming at her colleague.

"I'm ready any time you are, doctor."

Lab 101 looked more like an oversized conference room than a traditional
medical laboratory. It was designed specifically for large groups of
medical professionals to observe medical procedures of all types in a
relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. In place of the default conference
table, there was an adjustable metal table elevated approximately four
feet high, which stood in the middle of the room surrounded by esoteric
medical equipment and high-intensity lighting fixtures. The observation
platform consisted of a circular ring of seats that rose up gradually,
allowing people in the rows behind an unimpeded view of the proceedings.
If it weren't for the medical gadgetry, one would think one was sitting
in an elegantly designed living room.

Dr. Paget led Dr. Rossi, Mary Kate, Ashley, and the fifty or so laughing
and giggling students into the lab, telling them to occupy the first two
rows of seats. Once the class and the visitors were seated, Dr. Paget
turned to Dr. Rossi.

"The floor is yours doctor."

"Thank you," Dr. Rossi replied, getting up from her seat.

"Would you like a lab coat?"

"I don't think I'll need one."

It was not often that Dr. Rossi had a chance to demonstrate her
technique first-hand, and when she did she preferred to do away with the
lab coat because it sometimes instilled anxiety and fear in her
patients. In choosing to wear a smart, gray business suit with a low cut
blouse that accentuated her large and shapely breasts, she realized that
it would do far more to help a man relax and remain sexually aroused
than if she wore the dreaded white coat.

"Now for the purposes of this demonstration we are going to need a
volunteer," Dr. Paget said to the students.

So impatient were the girls to take part in the novel program that
almost every hand was raised simultaneously.

Dr. Paget quickly scanned the entire group, her eyes resting at last on
the inquisitive eighteen-year-old nurse with the jet-black hair.

"Amy," the doctor said. "Come up here please."

Amy was all smiles as she walked toward the center of the room where the
two doctors stood side by side.

"Dr. Rossi," Dr. Paget began. "Before we bring in the subject, would you
please explain to Amy what you are going to do?"

"Of course. Amy, what I will show you is how to manually stimulate the
prostate gland in order to effect ejaculation. The technique must be
performed in a specific way otherwise the results will be
unsatisfactory. Now let's put on our gloves and get our hands lubed up."

As Amy and Dr. Rossi were putting on their gloves a nurse approached Dr.
Paget and informed her that the male subject for the demonstration had
taken ill and was no longer available.

"I can't believe this!" Dr. Paget complained. "He was fine earlier this
morning when I called him."

"I think he may have gotten cold feet, doctor," the nurse said.

"Well this is just terrible. Where are we going to find a man with
ejaculatory dysfunction at this hour?" She looked at her colleague. "Dr.

"I'm sorry Helen. Not at this short notice."

Mary Kate and Ashley suddenly rose from their seats and approached Dr.

"I think you should know that your chief of staff has ejaculatory
dysfunction," Mary Kate stated bluntly.

The doctor looked stunned. "How in the world would you know that?"

"I know because I dated the man several years ago."

Dr. Paget stared blankly at Mary Kate and then at Ashley. "Adam
Prescott, our chief of staff? You dated him?"

"For a few months, yes."

"And you're certain he has ejaculatory dysfunction?"

Mary Kate nodded. "I can tell you first hand. He even admitted it to me."

Dr. Paget's eyes widened. "He admitted it to you?"

"Yes. But after the third try I kind of figured it out for myself. I
thought I was doing something wrong or that maybe he just wasn't that
turned on to me. But it was his problem all along."

"This is news to me. I always got the impression that he was quite the
ladies' man."

"Oh, he is. The only trouble is he can't deliver on his promises. If you
know what I mean."

Dr. Paget shook her head. "And how exactly is this information going to
help us?"

"Is Dr. Prescott here now?" Mary Kate asked the nurse.

"I believe he's in his office," she replied.

"Tell him Mary Kate Olsen is here to see him. He'll come."

"This is absurd!" Dr. Paget said to Mary Kate. "Do you think the chief
of staff is going to willingly offer his body for the purpose of this

"No, I don't," Mary Kate said flatly. "I'll have to persuade him."

"And how in heaven's name are you going to do that? I know Adam
Prescott. He's the kind of man who likes to be in control. Do you really
think you're going to convince him to strip off his clothes and calmly
lie on the exam table while Dr. Rossi performs her treatment in front of
us and fifty other young women? You must be out of your mind, Mary Kate."

"You should never underestimate my sister, doctor," Ashley said to Dr.
Paget. "If she says she can persuade him, you should believe her."

The doctor laughed scornfully. "Forgive me but this idea of yours is
completely preposterous. Even if Dr. Prescott were inclined to undergo
treatment, he's got too much damn pride to ask for help. And he
certainly wouldn't compromise his position as chief of staff by allowing
himself to be the subject of such a prurient experiment. I suggest we
cancel the demonstration until a suitable candidate can be found." She
turned to Dr. Rossi. "What do you think, Allison?"

"I think we should at least give Mary Kate's suggestion a shot. If Dr.
Prescott is really having ejaculatory problems we'd be doing him a huge
favor by helping him."

"And what if he doesn't want to be helped?"

"I think we should let him make that decision."

For a few moments the two women stared at each other, having reached an
impasse. It was Ashley who broke the silence.

"Tell your nurse to go and fetch Dr. Prescott," she said to Dr. Paget.

Reluctantly, Dr. Paget gave the nurse the order to find the doctor.

About five minutes later Dr. Prescott was led into the room by the
nurse. As soon as he walked in through the door he immediately began
searching for his former lover.

"Mary Kate!" he shouted. "Are you here?"

"Right here, Adam!" she replied, moving to greet him.

He was a tall, good-looking man of thirty-eight, with huge blue eyes and
dark brown hair only now beginning to show the first signs of gray
around the temples. Upon seeing her he smiled warmly and threw his arms
around her.

"This is a most pleasant surprise! I'm so glad to see you! How are you?"

"I'm fine," she replied, returning his hug.

He then took Ashley in his arms and hugged her too. "God, you two always
look so beautiful. What brings you to Columbia?"

The doctor had been so excited to hear that Mary Kate was at the
hospital that he ignored the nurse when she informed him that Dr. Rossi
was also in attendance. When Mary Kate told him that the famous doctor
was standing not more than six feet away from him he suddenly assumed a
more professional manner and extended his hand to her.

"Forgive me, Dr. Rossi," he said shaking her hand vigorously. "No one
told me you were here."

The nurse looked at him with displeasure. "I did tell you, doctor."

"Did you?"

"Yes, I did, sir, but you didn't hear me."

"That's all right, Dr. Prescott," Dr. Rossi said. "I'm pleased to meet you."

"Why didn't you tell me about this, Helen?" he asked Dr. Paget.

"I did tell you a few days ago but I guess you forgot."

"I can't imagine forgetting something as important as this," he replied
good-naturedly. "In any case, it is wonderful to meet you Dr. Rossi."

Unknown to anyone but Mary Kate and Ashley, Dr. Prescott was being
manipulated by his former lover into doing something he would never have
imagined was possible for a man of his station. Even while he was
occupied in conversation with Mary Kate and the other two doctors,
Ashley was putting a plan into motion that would require the help of the
students themselves. The fact that the girls were more than willing to
comply made it all the easier."Adam," Mary Kate said, playing up to him
in her coy style. "I told the doctors about your problem."

"What problem?" he replied looking mystified. "What are you talking about?"

"Please Adam. Don't pretend. You know you have a problem ejaculating."

"What?" he cried. "Are you serious Mary Kate?"

"You can't hide the truth forever. You either have to face it and do
something about it or live with your problem for the rest of your life.
Is that what you want?"

The doctor was clearly taken aback by her audacity. The boldness of her
speech, and her direct, blatant approach left him feeling betrayed. For
a man used to following strict protocol, not only in his professional
career but as a schematic for his own personal life, he was simply out
of his league against the intractable, indomitable, determined twin.

"This is no place to discuss such matters," he finally answered. "You're
way out of line, Mary Kate."

"Am I also out of line to mention that you have been expropriating
hospital funds?"

"What are you talking about?" he said angrily. "Have you lost your mind

"My mind is functioning perfectly well, thank you," she replied calmly
as she stole a glance at her sister.

With that one look Ashley knew immediately what had to be done. She
silently indicated to two of the girls to go and lock the door leading
into the lab while the rest were instructed to get up and form a circle
around Mary Kate and the three doctors. Dr. Prescott was so involved in
his heated exchange with Mary Kate that he did not realize he was
surrounded by the students until they were almost upon him.

"What the hell is going on here?" he demanded, taking notice of the
girls for the first time.

"Never mind about them, Alex," Dr. Paget said. "Is what Mary Kate said

"I'd like to know myself," Dr. Rossi said to Mary Kate. "That's a very
serious accusation."

"Of course it's not true!" Dr. Prescott cried. "I have never stolen
anything from this hospital." He turned to Helen. "You should know that."

"There is no way she could know," Mary Kate said. "I didn't even find
out until last night. When Dr. Rossi told me we would be paying you a
visit I remembered something you told me a long time ago when we were
dating. You said that if you played your cards right the university
would make you a wealthy man. You said that your doctor's salary wasn't
enough for the things you wanted in life and that you had to do
something about it. Well, that stuck in my mind all this time. So I did
some investigating into your background and I found some interesting
things about you. I found out that you've been gambling with
stockholder's money and depositing your winnings into offshore accounts
to the tune of thirteen million dollars."

"This is outrageous! Dr. Prescott exclaimed. "How dare you accuse me of
being a thief?"

"Oh, it's not just me," she replied, still managing to maintain her
composure. "Other people within the university have suspected you for a
long time, but they had no hard evidence to go on. That is, until now."

"What do you mean until now?"

"With the help of a friend I traced the path of the money and it led
straight to you. I have enough information on you to take this to the

"You don't believe this crap, Helen, do you?" Dr. Prescott said to Dr.

"I'm afraid I do," she replied. "I was one of those people who suspected
you of embezzling university funds but I could never prove it. I'm the
one who helped Mary Kate get to the truth."

"Is all this true, Dr. Prescott?" Dr. Rossi asked. "Did you steal the

Before he could answer Mary Kate slipped a piece of paper in his hands.
He looked it over, drew a deep breath and sighed heavily. It was a
printout of his bank account in Geneva, Switzerland displaying all the
transactions made over several years. It clearly showed that Mary Kate
was telling the truth. "Where did you get this?" he asked, crestfallen.

"I have my sources," she replied. "After all, I am a billionaire. Remember?"

Dr. Prescott hung his head down and swore under his breath. The evidence
of his treachery was beyond reproach. The Olsen girl had found him out.

"So it's all true then, isn't it Alex?" Dr. Paget said dourly. "You're a

The doctor drew his head up slowly and met his colleague's gaze. "I
guess I am," he said sullenly. "I suppose you're going to report me to
the authorities?"

"Of course," Dr. Paget said. "What you did was wrong and you must be
punished for it."

"It just wasn't enough, Helen. Not enough for the things I
wanted...needed, even. Surely you must understand."

Dr. Paget looked at him with disgust. "A yearly salary of just over a
million dollars was not enough for you? Oh, I understand all right. I
understand that the money you stole had a direct impact upon our
enrollment last year. I understand that all these girls you see hovering
around you are not very happy that you cut back some of their programs
so that you could pocket the difference. Am I right girls?"

The students shouted their disapproval and some even pushed Dr.
Prescott, calling him vile names.

"You see. They don't think much of what you did, and neither do we."

"This is unconscionable, Dr. Prescott," Dr. Rossi said. "Thank God that
Ashley and Mary Kate were on the scene. Otherwise we would have never
known about you."

"I didn't mean to hurt anybody," he said feebly as more hands reached
out to manhandle him. "It's just that I can't help myself. I want the
good things in life, just like everyone else."

"We all want the good things in life, Adam," Mary Kate said. "But we
don't acquire those things at other people's expense."

"Get the son of a bitch on the exam table!" Dr. Paget said to the
students. "He's all yours, Dr. Rossi."

A multitude of hands reached out for the startled man, who had not the
slightest chance or warding them off. Kicking and screaming he was
dragged to the exam table, laid down on his back, and secured with
leather straps. Dr. Paget then ordered the girls to strip him naked.
When his protests became too much for them to bear, they silenced him by
putting surgical tape over his mouth.

"You really don't deserve to be helped," Dr. Paget said to him, "but
maybe you can provide the rest of us with a little entertainment."

Dr. Rossi wasted no time in preparing her syringe. She was going to
inject the Stimulata drug directly into his testes, thereby increasing
its effectiveness exponentially.

"How much are you giving him?" Dr. Paget asked.

"I think 200 cc's should do the trick."

"That's a pretty big shot."

"The drug is non-toxic. His body will assimilate what it can and the
rest will pass harmlessly through the urinary tract."

When Dr. Prescott saw the syringe come close to his testicles he
struggled vehemently.

"Now behave yourself, Adam," Mary Kate said. "We're only doing this to
help you. And then we'll turn you over to the police."

The students were ecstatic. They crowded around the exam table making
fun of his small, flaccid cock and derided him for his selfishness and
arrogance. More than anything they wanted to witness first-hand Dr.
Rossi's famous technique.

"His dick is so small," one girl noted, flicking his prick up with her
finger. "No wonder he can't get off."

"The size of his penis has nothing to do with it," Dr. Rossi said,
correcting her. "The problem lies in the bulbourethral glands, or
weren't you paying attention in class?"

"Her mind is always on penises, doctor," another girl said. "Not on
bulbourethral glands."

"I think about penises quite often myself," the doctor replied candidly.
"But I never let it interfere with my studies."

With the shot administered they only had to wait a few minutes for the
drug to take effect. When it did, Dr. Prescott's once flaccid penis
began to take on entirely new dimensions.

"It's growing right before our eyes!" Amy exclaimed. "Look! Look!"

Without any manual aid whatsoever, the doctor's modest penis began to
expand in both height and girth. It snaked and curled its way upward,
rising above his stomach like a cobra preparing to strike.

"A side effect, doctor?" Dr. Paget asked Dr. Rossi.

"It surprised me too at first. But the drug does seem to act as a
stimulant to both the penile muscles and the testicles as well."

Within the short span of two minutes Dr. Prescott's cock grew to over
three times its normal length, effectively placing him in the
twelve-inch range. His scrotum also underwent a major modification, the
twin orbs now resembling two oversized plums. Everyone marveled at the

"Please explain to the students what is actually transpiring at this
moment, Dr. Rossi," Dr. Paget said.

  The Amazing Dr. Rossi


"Well, as you all can see, Stimulata is doing exactly what its name
implies—it's stimulating his genitals, causing an increase in growth.
But more importantly, the drug is working in tandem with the patient's
testicular fluids to help induce muscular contractions at the base of
the penis, thus forcing ejaculate to be expelled from the urethra."

"But it can't do that on its own," one student asked as she rubbed her
fingers over satiny terrain of Dr. Prescott's expanding scrotum.

"No. This is where proper stimulation of the prostate comes into play. I
also encourage manual stimulation of the frenulum to help induce

"You're three-tiered approach," Dr. Paget noted.

"I find the results are far more satisfactory when the frenulum is
stimulated. However, it is the correct stimulation of the prostate gland
that is vital in producing a robust orgasm."

Ashley ran one of her hands over his now towering shaft and giggled.
"What's it feel like to have a real cock now, Dr. Prescott?"

The doctor tried to say something in reply but the tape across his mouth
made his words unintelligible. He kept looking down at the monstrous,
expanding snake, now about to reach its full dimensions due to the
effect of the powerful drug. A look of terror came over face.

"I think he's just as amazed as the rest of us," Mary Kate said, teasing
the tip of his prick with her thumb.

"Of course he's amazed," Dr. Paget said. "It's probably the first time
he's seen his dick at full mast for years."

Everyone laughed.

"Don't worry, Adam," Dr. Rossi said, gently patting his huge erection.
"The effect is temporary. Once we've depleted your reservoir of sperm
your genitals will resume their normal size."

Dr. Prescott looked up into the beautiful face of Dr. Rossi, her huge
breasts partially exposed beneath her blouse. He could smell the lovely
fragrance of her perfume and feel the heat of her body against his, and
for a moment he forgot that his body was now hers to control and
wondered how thrilling it would be to bury his face within those
delectable twin mounds that dangled so precipitously just inches above
his face. He luxuriated in the feeling of her long and lithe fingers as
they examined every inch of his genital area, gently stroking his thick,
veinal shaft to promote tumescence. Her long blonde hair fell into his
face as she moved her head close to his cock, studying the enormous
shaft and balls very closely to determine when to begin the prostate

"I think he's about ready," she said to Dr. Paget. "Let's begin."

Instead of telling the students to resume their seats, Dr. Paget allowed
them to stand around the exam table as Dr. Rossi and Amy began the

"I have to warn all of you," Dr. Rossi said to the students, "that when
Dr. Prescott finally achieves orgasm, it's going to get very messy in
here. Sperm is going to be flying around everywhere. So if you don't
want to get soiled, I suggest you return to your seats."

Oddly enough, no one moved.

"Have it your way," the doctor continued. "But don't say I didn't warn
you. Okay, Amy, let's get started."

Amy was a quick learner. The doctor only had to explain the technique
once and the bright nineteen-year-old nursing student brought her lubed
index finger toward Dr. Prescott's anus and inserted it a little more
than halfway inside his rectum. The action caused Dr. Prescott's cock to
bob back and forth wildly, which made his audience break into laughter.

"This is so cool!" Amy exclaimed, as she brought finger in and out of
Dr. Prescott's anus, forcing his cock to repeat the bobbing motion
several times.

"Okay, Amy," Dr. Rossi said as she stopped the girl's motions with her
own hand. "Keep that up and you'll force a premature ejaculation. We
don't want that."

Instructing the girl further as to what to do, Dr. Rossi watched as her
protégé successfully implemented the prostate manipulation.

"Gently, not too fast," Dr. Rossi said as she kept a keen eye on the
girl's finger. "The whole point of this technique is to build up
enormous pressure in the testes so that the patient can achieve the most
robust expulsion of sperm possible. Now rotate your finger in a
clockwise motion all around the prostate."

"It feels weird," Amy said as she followed the doctor's instructions.

"What do you mean, weird?"

"I don't know. It feels very firm."

"That's how it's supposed to feel. A hard prostate would indicate an
abnormality. Just keep doing what you're doing. We should be seeing some
results soon."

While Amy continued to manipulate Dr. Prescott's prostate gland, Dr.
Paget kept an eye on his respiratory and pulmonary functions and saw
that both were elevated but well within acceptable limits.

"You're doing fine, Adam," she said to him. "I don't think we're looking
at a Code Blue here."

Dr. Prescott, unused to being out of control and at the mercy of someone
else, could say or do little with his mouth taped shut and his limbs
securely fasted to the exam table. His eyes were the only sensory organs
capable of reflecting what was going on inside his head, and they darted
furtively back and forth between Dr. Rossi, Amy, and Dr. Paget as fear,
shame, and overwhelming lust overcame him. He hadn't been able to have
an orgasm in months, at least not the kind of normal orgasm most men
took for granted. Even Mary Kate, with her vast experience in provoking
the most intense ejaculations from men with her small but talented
hands, was unable to force an orgasm from him during the brief time they
dated. And now as he lay there surrounded on all sides by women intent
on making him ejaculate, he was experiencing a sense of humiliation so
profound that it made him feel as if he were nothing more than an object
for their amusement, which in a way, was true. However, despite the fact
that he was, in the eyes of his captors, a thief and a phony, Dr. Rossi
had no desire to hurt him, only to help him. His punishment would come
later, and at the hands of other people.

"You really got the hang of this," Dr. Rossi said to Amy. "Now you keep
that up for a while longer while we get someone to begin the
masturbation. Any volunteers?"

Strangely enough, it was Mary Kate who stepped forward. "I always had
trouble making this SOB cum," she said to Dr. Rossi. "I'd like to make
up for it now."

"Go right ahead," the doctor said. "I think you know what to do."

"Stroke the shaft with one hand and tease the frenulum with the

"You got it."

Mary Kate's tiny hand seemed dwarfed as it took hold of the twelve-inch
monster penis. She could only get her hand halfway around the shaft and
had to use her other hand as an anchor at the base of his cock to give
her added control. With her left hand firmly grasping the shaft at its
base, she used the thumb of her right hand to gently stimulate the tiny
strip of flesh just under the glans. Her maneuver made Dr. Prescott moan

"You like that, don't you?" she said to him as her fingers danced
lightly over his frenulum. "I'm going to make you cum like a horse!"

For almost ten minutes Amy and Mary Kate diligently performed their
duties on Dr. Prescott's huge organ. The students waited patiently,
knowing that they were going to be rewarded with an orgasm of immense
proportions. They giggled loudly every time Amy's fingers provoked an
involuntary muscular contraction of Dr. Prescott's penis, and commented,
sometimes quite salaciously, on the shape and texture of his cock and balls.

"I don't know why he bothers to shave down there," one girl joked,
noticing the absence of pubic hair around his genitals. "He's the only
one who gets to see it."

"Not true," Mary Kate said. "I've seen it before. The only trouble is I
could never get him to cum. But that's about to change."

"He does a very nice penis though," Amy said. "It's not curved. You
know, some of them have that banana thing going on."

"It is a nice straight cock," Ashley noted. "Too bad he doesn't play

"Oh, he will, Ashley," Dr. Paget assured her. "With the information you
girls have on this bastard, he'll be playing it straight for a long
time—in federal prison!"

"Do you hear that, Adam?" Mary Kate said in her best bratty voice.
"You're going to jail you little creep!"

She accentuated her words with a swift rubbing of her hand back and
forth over his frenulum, causing him to twist his torso violently.

"Take it easy, Mary Kate," Dr. Rossi admonished. "He'll get his just
deserts soon enough. For now, let's just drain his god damn balls."

For approximately one half hour Amy, under Dr. Rossi's observant gaze,
brought Dr. Prescott to the brink of orgasm and then denied him release,
all in order to build up the pressure required. The young girl worked
his prostate like a pro, her concentration never wavering as her tiny
finger plied the doctor's anus with great relish. Finally, seeing that
Dr. Prescott' prick was now dripping great quantities of pre-cum and
that his testicles were swollen to their fullest dimensions, Dr. Rossi
ordered Amy and Mary Kate to finish him off.

"Give it to him hard girls," the doctor said, watching fingers and hands
fly over Dr. Prescott's cock, balls, and anus with great speed. "Don't
show this scumbag any mercy."

The students cheered wildly as both Amy and Mary Kate spared no effort
to force out an ejaculation from the beleaguered doctor.

As with many things in life, timing is crucial. And the synchronicity
the two girls had established earlier was about to pay off. A low
guttural moan emanated from Dr. Prescott as he watched the head of his
penis expand outward under the vicious handjob he was getting from Mary
Kate. The purple glans was now completely covered over with a thick
patina of clear, sticky fluid, and more than ready to launch the huge
store of ejaculate that only awaited Amy's insertion of her finger deep
into his rectum.

"This is the last time you'll ever cancel any of our classes, you big
shit head!" she said driving her finger all the way into his anus. "Now
cum for all of us! We want to see you shoot your hot fucking jizz!"

Mary Kate, sensing he was about to ejaculate, gripped his shaft tightly
with one hand and stroked him furiously while continuing to use her
thumb to tease his frenulum. The doctor could withstand no more.

Thrashing about like a fish out of water, Dr. Prescott's cock exploded a
volley of thick white sauce that shot up into the air over and above the
heads of the students and landed halfway across the room onto an
unoccupied seat. The students screamed with joy upon seeing such a
tremendous cumshot.

"Fuck me!" one girl exclaimed, as she watched the trail of ejaculate
splatter into the seat's leather cushion.

Mary Kate had been used to seeing enormous ejaculations before, but
seeing the sperm travel almost twenty feet away made her laugh wildly.

"Holy fuck, Adam!" she cried. "Look what I made you do, you fucking

Another thick blast of semen was forced out of his prick by the girls'
combined efforts, this time the ejaculate flew straight up into the air
over Dr. Prescott's head and landed seconds later right in his own face.

"Ha! Ha!" Dr. Paget laughed. "Serves you right, Adam! You asshole!"

It was then that the explosions began in earnest. With every woman's eye
focused on his cock, Dr. Prescott delivered a series of ejaculations
that were both lengthy and voluminous. As soon as one creamy rope of
sperm was spit out, another one immediately followed. Soon it became
difficult to determine where one jet of cum began and where one ended.
It was impossible to control exactly where the sperm would land because
Dr. Prescott was shifting his body back and forth so dramatically that
the girls could not keep him in one place. The long ropes of sperm found
their way onto people's clothes, faces, hair, and almost every
conceivable part of the anatomy. Yet despite the shower of sperm, not
one of the girls budged an inch. Everyone wanted to see Dr. Prescott's
huge dick spit out the spunk.

"I'm getting turned on watching him cum!" Dr. Paget said laughingly to
Dr. Rossi.

"It's unbelievable isn't it? I often get horny myself when I force my
patients to ejaculate heavily like this."

Mary Kate and Amy were having the time of their lives. Both girls' hands
and upper bodies were now wet with Dr. Prescott's sperm, yet this seemed
not to bother either girl in the least. The laughed happily every time
another sticky salvo was launched into the air due to their adept
ministrations. The other girls giggled and screamed each time another
long string of semen flew across the room or high up into the air. One
girl was even keeping count.

"That last one made twenty seven so far," she said proudly.

Dr. Prescott's orgasm was now going on for three full minutes and there
was no sign of abatement.

"You're doing fine girls," Dr. Rossi said encouragingly. "Keep it up!"

Dr. Paget glanced down at the computer screen. "Pulse and respiration
elevated but within normal parameters, Dr. Rossi."

"Very good. Keep going girls!"

The students were in a state of euphoria. The amount of cum being
ejected from Dr. Prescott's huge cock was almost impossible to believe.
Yet they had to believe it because it was indeed the wondrous
Stimulata—Dr. Rossi's incredibly powerful drug—that was causing these
improbable ejaculations. Heedless of getting splashed by the
multitudinous and errant volleys of semen, the students welcomed each
spurt was a shout of glee as they cheered Amy and Mary Kate on.

"There goes another one!" Ashley squealed, as the sperm flew past her
head and arched slightly to the left before making contact with a
chalkboard on the far side of the room.

An immense look of satisfaction came over Mary Kate's face as she
provoked one huge load of cum after the other from Dr. Prescott's prick.
After all the months of giving him handjobs and blowjobs and not once
being rewarded for her efforts, it was gratifying to now have him under
her total control, shooting out endless streams of slimy spunk for her
and the students' amusement.

"I knew you had it in you," she said to him as his eyes looked down in
horror at his continuously ejaculating penis. "Keep giving us those
ropes, baby. More ropes!"

As if in answer to her command, his prick erupted with jets of spunk
shot out in rapid succession, causing the entire group of women to
scream their collective approval all at once.

"Give us your cream!" a pretty redhead exclaimed as she watched the
puddle of sperm between Dr. Prescott's legs get larger and larger with
each spurt.

It was an amazing sight to behold. Ashley had recounted to Mary Kate
later on that such an output of semen had not been witnessed since the
EJAX trials several years ago. And like those trials, Stimulata was at
the center of its success. However, in this case, the drug was not
synthetic, but organic, and could never become toxic.

Another burst of heavy fuck juice sailed out into the audience, this
time hitting Dr. Paget full in the face. She was unprepared for the
assault, having diverted her attention to the monitor screen.

"Thanks a lot, Adam!" she swore, as she took a paper towel and wiped her

"Fucking unbelievable!" one girl said as she surveyed the cum-stained
area around her legs and her own soiled dress. "This is going down in
the history books!"

The ejaculations continued for almost five minutes—an unprecedented
amount of time. By the time Dr. Prescott's balls refused to surrender
another load of sperm, the entire room and every one of the women within
it, including Dr. Rossi, had been the recipient of his prodigious
offering. The students were overjoyed at what they had witnessed, and
gave Dr. Rossi a hearty round of applause.

"Well I think the congratulations should go to Amy and Mary Kate. After
all, they worked very hard."

The students agreed. Both girls smiled as they let the applause wash
over them.

"How are you feeling, Dr. Prescott?" Dr. Paget asked him as she removed
the tape from his mouth.

"Actually, I feel better than I ever have in my life," he replied
gasping for breath. "I should sue all of you for what you've done to me
but what's the point? I'm going to jail."

"Yes, you are. You hurt these girls, our students, more than you know
because of your greed and selfishness. I'm going to see that it never
happens again—at least not on my watch. Now go and thank Dr. Rossi for
helping you regain your sexual health."

"Thank you, doctor Rossi," he said sheepishly. "You are truly amazing."

Dr. Rossi smiled. This was the second time someone had said that about
her. It was beginning to sound better and better all the time.

"You're welcome, doctor," she replied. "I suggest you go and get cleaned
up and get back to work. Tomorrow we're sending the police for you."

He winced at those words but his mind and body were far too exhausted to
argue the issue. His cock and balls now slowly resuming their normal
dimensions, he grabbed his clothes and headed toward the showers.

"Do you think he'll try to get out of the country?" Mary Kate asked Dr.

"I hope he does," she replied. "That's why I'm waiting twenty four hours
to tip off the cops. I shouldn't do it but I guess I'm just sentimental."

As Mary Kate and Amy went to the bathroom to cleanse themselves of Dr.
Prescott's sperm, Dr. Paget instructed the students to begin cleaning
themselves and the lab. It took two hours to remove every trace of sperm
from their clothes and the lab floor, and when they were done everything
was looking new once again. Dr. Paget excused the students and said
goodbye to Dr. Rossi and the twins.

"Now I'm going to go home and spend a little time with my vibrator!" she
laughed. "You know I always had a feeling that Adam was up to no good,
but I could never get at the truth. Boyish good looks and irrepressible
charm will do it every time."

"I'm glad we caught him before he could do any more damage," Mary Kate said.

"Me too," she replied. "The both of you have been a great help to me and
to all the students here. You're welcome at Columbia any time." She
turned to Dr. Rossi. "I think you and your Stimulata drug are headed for
immortality, Allison."

"To be honest, Helen...right now I'd settle for a nice hot bath."

The two women discussed meeting for lunch the following week and then
hugged each other and said goodbye.

The limo was waiting for the trio when they left the building, and on
the way back to Dr. Rossi's clinic Ashley mentioned that a television
station in England had contacted her yesterday about having Dr. Rossi
come on the show to discuss and possibly demonstrate her technique.

"What kind of a show is this?" the doctor asked.

"It's something new called 'Sex in the 21st Century'. They focus on all
kinds of sexual issues. The woman who produces the show, London Ackerby,
thought you'd be perfect for their premiere, which airs three weeks from

"It's broadcast worldwide," Mary Kate added.


"Uh-huh. It's a cable network for adults 18 years of age or older. You
purchase a subscription and you can watch just about anything that deals
with sex. Ashley and I were thinking that it's time to take your career
up another notch. What do you think?"

"I'd be happy to do it. The more people that know about ejaculatory
dysfunction the more likely they will be to seek out treatment. When do
we leave?"


The seven and one half hour British Airways flight from New York to
London was uneventful. Upon arriving in Mayfair, Dr. Rossi and the twins
were escorted to their roof suite at the Dorchester Hotel. The luxurious
and spacious suite had been especially outfitted with three four-poster
mahogany beds and the large sitting room with its natural daylight had
every amenity imaginable, including an office work space with several
networked computer stations. The twins, accustomed to preferential
treatment, chuckled with glee as Dr. Rossi examined each of the rooms,
thrilled to find herself in the midst of such luxury.

  The Amazing Dr. Rossi


"Do you girls always travel in such style?" the doctor asked them as she
ran her hand over an intricately embroidered red velvet curtain.

"La dolce vita, Allison," Mary Kate said. "This is how we choose to live."

"And why not? You have the money. Might as well treat yourselves like

"We worked very hard for everything we have," Ashley reminded her. "Just
like you did."

"Of course. Of course."

"Our meeting with the producer of the show is set for tomorrow at 10:30
a.m.," Mary Kate said. "I think we should get something to eat and then
get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us."

The following morning the doctor and her two friends enjoyed a light
breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and then took a limo to the ITV
television studio, which was located at 58-72 Upper Groundin London. The
news of their arrival at the studio had been kept a well-guarded secret,
so when the trio arrived there was only the studio manager at the front
entrance awaiting them. He took them directly to the producer's office
and told them that the producer would be with them momentarily. A minute
later the Olsen's and Dr. Rossi were greeted by a tall, pretty brunette
in her mid-thirties, dressed in a smart three-piece black suit. She wore
a white blouse with a string of black pearls adorning her neck, and
looked every bit the professional businesswoman.

"Hi, I'm London. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long," she said as
she shook each of their hands in turn. "Please sit down and make
yourselves comfortable."

London seated herself at her desk and put on a pair of horn-rimmed
glasses, making her look even more managerial.

"I want to thank you for coming on such short notice," she continued.
"The program originally slated to premiere the show was trashed due to
legal problems."

"What happened?" Ashley asked.

"Some idiot in our copyright division did not get clearance to use
certain materials in the broadcast and we didn't find out about it until
just recently. It's never happened before but there's always a first
time I guess." She smiled wanly and turned to Dr. Rossi. "I can't tell
you how happy I am that you decided to do the show, Dr. Rossi."

"It's my pleasure, Ms. Ackerby."

"Please, call me 'London'."

"You were named after the city?"

"It's not as odd as you might think. I was born premature. In a cab
right in Trafalgar Square. My father thought it only fitting."

Dr. Rossi smiled politely. "Well then, you can call me 'Allison'."

"It is my pleasure to meet you, Allison. So how was your flight?"

"With these girls to share the ride with, the time went by quickly. We
had no problems."

"I'm glad to hear it." She turned to the twins. "I believe we've met
once before haven't we?"

"Yes," Ashley replied. "We met at a Burberry's catwalk show here in
London in the summer of 2009."

"Oh yes, I remember that show. That was the day one of the models
slipped and fell off the runway."

"She fell on me," Ashley said dourly. "I still have the bruises to prove

London chuckled sympathetically. "That must have smarted indeed! Well, I
don't think you'll have to worry about falling bodies on this show. We
concentrate solely on sexual issues in all their permutations, both
gross and sublime."

"Your idea?" Dr. Rossi asked.

"My idea."

"Sounds intriguing. Back in the States they'd frown upon such a show."

"You will forgive me for saying so, but you Americans are quite
hypocritical when it comes to sex. Almost puritanical."

"You don't need to convince me of that," Dr. Rossi said. "I've felt that
way for a very long time."

"I'm glad you see it that way. Mind you, I'm not saying we Europeans are
some idealistic, progressive model you should hold up to the world, but
dear me, we at least don't have those terrible sexual inhibitions you
Yanks do. For example, take that idiot of an army general of yours—or
former general I should say—General Petraeus. It's fine and dandy for
him to send young men and women into war to be killed but when he
commits an act of sexual indiscretion he's vilified for it. What bloody

"I couldn't agree more."

"It's absurd. The man's nothing more than a profligate, and he's
eviscerated on that account, not because he's an incompetent,
warmongering fucker—excuse my language."

Mary Kate laughed loudly. "Ash and I met the son of a bitch at a stupid
White House ceremony last year. He was such an asshole."

"So I'm right about him then?"

"Absolutely. He's just a dick in search of a pussy."

Now it was London's turn to laugh. "Marvelous! I say, how about a spot
of tea?"

"I thought tea time was at 4:00 p.m.?"

"Oh, I don't follow that old tradition. In fact, many young people
don't. I drink tea when I choose."

London spoke into her intercom and ordered her secretary to bring in
some tea, which she did straightaway.

"So, what exactly is your show all about?" Dr. Rossi inquired as the
secretary handed her a cup.

"Well, specifically, we get people on the show who have one kind of
sexual problem or another and we try to help them with it. They come
from all walks of life—lawyers, carpenters, housewives, students, young,
old, rich, poor, famous, not name it. We have a wonderful
woman, a board certified psychiatrist named Beverly O'Donnell, who has
signed on to do the show. You'll get to meet her shortly."

"So I take it that most of the help you provide these people is
psychological in nature?"

"Mostly. But in your case you would be practicing your technique on a
naked male."

Dr. Rossi sat upright in her seat. "That's if he does indeed have
ejaculatory dysfunction."

"Of course. But you would be able to make that determination rather
quickly would you not? At least that's what I've heard."

"My imaging scanner will tell me within a minute or two if he's a
suitable candidate for my procedure."

"Well, I have it on good authority that this bloke is suffering from
this ejaculatory malady. Don't ask me to provide names—I won't. Just
take my word for it that the likelihood of him having this dysfunction
is very great. Either way, you will have to examine him to be sure."

"I don't know what Ashley and Mary Kate told you, London, but my
technique always results in an ejaculation—a quite substantial
ejaculation if I say so myself. Is this something you and your audience
would want to see?"

The secretary could not help but suppress a laugh, almost dropping a
teacup as she did so.

"Oh, my dear Allison! Are you kidding? Most certainly! That's the reason
I wanted you on the show!"

"I see. And this is going to be broadcast...?"

"To all our subscribers. Over a hundred million people around the world,
with the exception of a few unenlightened countries."

"Like the United States," Ashley said glumly.

"Well, I didn't want to say anything, but yes. America wants no part of
'Sex in the 21st Century'."

"Will there be a live audience?" Dr. Rossi asked.

"Yes, the studio can hold about three hundred people."

"Three hundred men and women. That's a lot."

"Oh, no men allowed. Not for this particular show. The premiere will
feature a women-only live audience. In fact, the entire production team,
including the camera people, will be women. However there will be one
man who will be featured on the show. A famous man by the way—a
celebrity. We're keeping his name a secret because we don't want to
spoil the surprise."

"You mean he doesn't know what he's getting into?" Mary Kate asked.

"Not the slightest clue. All I can tell you is that he is known
throughout the world, that's all."

"Well, this should be interesting!" Dr. Rossi said.

"I assure you it will be more than that. His girlfriend is the one who
set the whole thing up. He's coming in thinking it's going to be a psych
session with him, his girlfriend, and Beverly. Wait until he sees you

"If he suspects he's being set up, don't you think he might bolt?"

"That's why we have a few dozen female security guards on hand. If he
tries to run away, they'll pounce on him."

"So, he's going to get the treatment whether he likes it or not," Ashley

"His girlfriend wants him to be cured so they can get married, so yes."

"Is she famous too?" Dr. Rossi asked.

"Yes, in fact. Quite so."

The remainder of their talk turned to how London became involved in
television. During this time Dr. Rossi discovered what an exceptionally
bright woman she was. She seemed dedicated to educating people, albeit
in a spectacular, often comedic, way. She believed that people could not
make rational choices for their lives without knowledge, and she was
committed to disseminating that knowledge through the powerful medium of
television. The prurient nature of the show might offend some
sensibilities, but if people could be helped, then this fact would
vindicate any claims of moral outrage.

"I'll admit there are some people in this country who absolutely hate
what I'm doing with regard to this show," she continued. "I've already
received some very nasty letters from certain people, mainly religious
groups, who think what I'm doing is a mortal sin. You see, those
people's minds have been indoctrinated since birth to believe a certain
ideology—call it whatever you wish—and they feel it's their God-given
right to get the rest of us to dance to their tune. If they had their
way they would have us all living in medieval times. But I have news for
them—it's not going to happen. 'Sex in the 21st Century" is going to be
a huge hit. I just feel it in my heart."

"I hope for your sake that it is," Dr. Rossi said. "We need more people
like you in this world, London; people who want to enlighten others, not
keep them in darkness."

London smiled broadly. "It would seem we're both on the same page in
that regard, Allison. We begin filming tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. sharp. But
you should plan to be at the studio no later than 8:00 a.m. If you have
any questions beforehand, please let my secretary know. I assume you
have come prepared?"

"Yes. If I need anything I'll let you know."

"Great. Well, I'm sorry but I have to get back to work now. It was a
pleasure meeting you."

London rose from her seat and once again shook each guest's hand before
escorting them to the main entrance of the building.

"What a lovely person," Dr. Rossi said to the twins as they made their
way to the limo. "Not a hint of irony in her voice, and so
straightforward. It's refreshing."

"We knew you'd like her," Mary Kate replied.

"I wonder who the guy is," Ashley said.

"I guess we'll find out soon enough," Dr. Rossi replied.

"This is going to be fun!" Mary Kate said. "And this time it's all going
to be on film!"

The following day Dr. Rossi, Ashley, and Mary Kate arrived at the
television studio promptly at 8:00 a.m. There were hundreds of women
lined up outside the building waiting to be admitted, and when they saw
Dr. Rossi and the Olsen sisters pull up in their limo they rushed to
greet them. Fortunately, the security staff was well prepared for such
an occurrence and kept the crowd at bay while the celebrities were
admitted through a side entrance.

The studio itself was much larger than Dr. Rossi or the twins had
expected. In fact, it looked more like an auditorium than a studio. Most
TV studios in the US were rather small, with space usually at a premium.
But this spacious room could easily hold several hundred people with
ease, and the camera crew—working four cameras in all—had no trouble
navigating the wide open spaces between the stage and the first row of

As the trio approached the stage they were greeted by the show's host,
Beverly O'Donnell, a cute, bubbly blonde of forty-two with an
effervescent personality and irrepressible Irish charm that made the
doctor and the twins like her almost instantly. She was dressed in a
short blue skirt and a white blouse with floral patterns on the lapels.
In her hands was a clipboard which she hastily tucked under her arm.

"Welcome! Welcome!" she said to the doctor and her friends, shaking
their hands in turn. "It's wonderful to have you all on the show. Let me
show you what's behind the curtain."

One part of the stage had been reserved for Dr. Rossi's equipment, which
consisted of a vertical bed with a cushioned, black leather surface
complete with stirrups to hold the feet securely and arm straps to keep
the limbs immobile. It was designed to hold a man at a forty-five degree
angle so that the entire audience could see his body clearly. A jar of
lubricating gel sat on a nearby exam table next to several pairs of
surgical gloves. On a separate table lay a syringe and a vial of
Stimulata, which the doctor had provided the day before. A nurse stood
guard over the precious liquid, her eyes reviewing some data on a
monitor screen in front of her.

"Allie," Beverly said to the nurse. "This is Dr. Rossi."

Allie smiled and shook the doctor's hand. "It's so nice to meet you,
doctor. I'll be assisting you today."

Dr. Rossi smiled graciously and looked at the screen. "You seem to be
adequately equipped I see."

"Everything here is brand new. I just tested all these machines and they
are in perfect working order."

"Excellent. We'll need to keep an eye on his vitals throughout the
procedure—if it's required."

"Yes, if it's required," Beverly said to Dr. Rossi. "Until you examine
him there is no way of knowing for sure if he has the disease, so all
this may be unnecessary. But if he does have it, then you've got the
green light. Once the security team has him strapped onto the table and
secured, you can then administer your drug and proceed with the treatment."

"Do you happen to know who this guy is?" Mary Kate asked Beverly.

"I'm not at liberty to say. London's orders."

The twins were advised to take their seats because the doors to the
studio were about to be opened to let the audience in. Mary Kate and
Ashley sat down directly in front of the curtained area, as close as
possible to where the mystery guest was to be treated by Dr. Rossi. A
few minutes later London appeared wearing a gray skirt, a black satin
blouse and a grey blazer. In place of the black pearls was a stunning
emerald necklace.

"Hi girls!" she said to the twins. "Are you sure you want to sit so
close to the action?"

"We don't want to miss anything," Mary Kate grinned.

"Fine. Just so long as you know what's coming."

"His cock, hopefully!" she laughed.

London told the security guards to open the doors to allow the audience
to settle into their seats. She then approached Dr. Rossi.

"It looks like everything is moving along fine. How are you, Allison?"

"I'm nervous, actually."

"Not an uncommon thing. I get nervous myself every time I do a show. I
just want you to remember that although we are practicing subterfuge to
get our man on that recliner, we are also helping him."

"I know," Dr. Rossi replied. "If I thought otherwise I wouldn't be here."

"I assume Beverly filled you in on the details?"

"She did."

"Good. I'll be watching from the booth. Break a leg!"

And with that she walked out of the room and up a small flight of stairs
leading up from the back of the room to a glass-walled sound booth where
the production crew was stationed.

By 8:45 a.m. the audience had been seated and Beverly came onstage and
spoke to them in a friendly fashion in an effort to foster their good
will and support. She hardly needed to make the effort. Most of the
crowd had known her from another self-help show she had done the
previous year, and reacted to her as if she were a long lost friend. In
less than ten minutes she had warmed up the crowd to the point where
they were eating out of her hand. The age of the women ran the gamut
from late teens to those pushing seventy. It seems everyone had an
interest in sex, and it was telling that no particular age group had a
monopoly on the subject.

Telling the audience to prepare, Beverly took her place onstage and
waited for the director, a short, dark woman with long brown hair, to
give her the cue to begin. At exactly 9:00 a.m. the pre-recorded music
began followed by a taped introduction:

"Good morning, everybody. This is 'Sex in the 21st Century.' Today we
will be discussing ejaculatory dysfunction with noted psychiatrist and
our host of the show, Dr. Beverly O'Donnell. And here she is, our woman
with the answers you need to improve your sex life, Dr. Beverly O'Donnell!"

The introductory music rose in volume while the crowd applauded wildly.
Beverly walked back and forth from left to right, acknowledging her
audience with wide open arms and a motherly smile. Gradually, as both
the applause and music died down, she found herself at center stage, the
cameras focused directly on her.

"Hello everyone!" she said with a big smile. "It's so nice of you to
join us today in our quest to help people with their sexual problems.
I'm Dr. Beverly O'Donnell and today we are going to delve into issues
concerning the male reproductive system. Male reproductive problems are
a not uncommon phenomenon that occurs to many men at different stages in
their lives. For some it can be a psychologically crippling event that
they might experience only once in their lives. For others, like our
guest today, it can be an ongoing condition that severely compromises
one's life to the point where normal sexual relations with a woman
cannot be achieved, not to mention the long-term psychological damage
done to one's self-esteem. So stay tuned as we explore sex in the
twenty-first century!"

The studio lights dimmed to indicate that a commercial break was
underway. A few minutes later the lights went back up and Beverly
invited Dr. Rossi onstage to give the audience a brief background of her
career and her drug, Stimulata. As she walked onstage Dr. Rossi was
unprepared for the tremendous greeting she received from the crowd.

"Thank you! Thank you!" the doctor said as she took her seat next to

"It seems you have a lot of fans out there, Dr. Rossi," Beverly said.
"Welcome to the show."

"I'm very happy to be here."

"Tell us a little about yourself if you will."

"I graduated Harvard Medical School when I was twenty years old..."


"Yes. I got pushed up a few years because of my work in biogenetics."

"So you graduated high school...when?"

"When I was 14."

"And Harvard accepted you at that young age?"


"That's nothing short of incredible. So what you're telling us is that
you're a child prodigy."

"I don't see myself that way. I just happen to have an inordinate
interest in biology and genetics. I guess you could say I was compelled
to it."

"And what made you decide to dedicate your life to diseases of the male
reproductive system? I mean, why not the female reproductive system?"

"There are many fine doctors working in the area of female biology and I
learned that there was not enough research being done on the male
biological front. I think it's because many men keep silent about their
reproductive problems and therefore most physicians don't know that a
real problem does exist, let alone how to treat these problems. That's
what led me to develop Stimulata."

"Tell us more about that."

"I'm not going into specifics here because it's all been documented many
times before. Let's just say that I spent three years working on the
drug, which is an organic and toxic-free alternative to many synthetic
drugs which can have severe side effects. It is part of a three-tiered
treatment program to cure men of ejaculatory dysfunction. So far, the
success rate has been close to one hundred percent with no adverse side
effects reported."

The audience responded with a loud round of applause.

"You are a true visionary, Dr. Rossi, and I'm told the object of
veneration for many men who have tried your program."

  The Amazing Dr. Rossi


"I didn't think he would. That was just a lot of male bravado."

"He says that he feels like a new man and that his sex life has never
been better."

"That's excellent!" Mary Kate exclaimed. "I had a feeling he'd be okay
once he got rid of all that toxic jizz!"

Dr. Rossi laughed. "Colloquially expressed but right on target. It was
just as I thought. The anger and resentment of not being able to
experience normal orgasms was driving him mad. Now that he is able to
ejaculate once again, all those negative emotions have been purged. I
should think he would feel like a new man."

Ashley quickly scanned the rest of the e-mail and then let out a little

"Listen to this, Allison. He says, 'Tell Dr. Rossi that I'm going to
dedicate my next album to her.' Isn't that great?"

Allison Rossi smiled contentedly and looked out the window. The sun was
just beginning to set and the first stars of the evening were just
beginning to make their appearance in the night sky. At that moment she
felt that she might have been born under one of those silent sentinels
that illuminated the dark void above. If so, she had chosen a lucky one.